Restarting the CTA buttons! How to attract even more clients to webinars at MyOwnConference

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The MyOwnConference webinar service has updated its favourite marketing tool, the “Call to action” buttons. The sale buttons, now called the CTA buttons, now work better. Thanks to them, your webinars will become noticeably more effective.

Sales buttons, i.e. Call to action or CTA, are elements on the screen (button, banner or text) that prompt the user to perform a specific action. What they can do include registration, purchase, leaving an application, etc.

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10 Perfect Webinar Landing Page Examples

Webinar Landing Page

A landing page is overlooked b ut a compelling method of boosting the number of leads and registrations. It’s a web page where users typically land after clicking on a particular ad or link, such as an ad for the upcoming webinar. It can contain the event’s title, its main benefits, information about the speakers, and, most importantly, a CTA (call-to-action) button.

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How to Make Webinars More Interactive


The effectiveness of webinars depends on the level of interest from the audience. The main mistake many speakers make is organizing their speech like a lecture where they simply convey information and don’t worry about the engagement and interaction of their listeners. They talk too much and don’t interact with the listeners. This way, it won’t be possible to keep the attendees interested.

However, it is more reasonable to show fewer data and be more mindful of your audience to make a webinar interactive and exciting.

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How to Make a Webinar Presentation


Experts say interesting and thoroughly thought out slides increase the effectiveness of public speeches by 30%. Nevertheless, some presenters prepare their keynotes in a rush. On the contrary, they might run into another extreme – make their slides too “beautiful”. This results in a loss of effectiveness of the whole webinar. How to find the balance and create slides that attract the audience’s attention and persuade it? How to make a great webinar presentation?

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