Webinars as a Tool for Brand Building

brand building

Webinars are a fantastic marketing instrument if you want to create a brand based on value rather than traditional advertising. However, with an internet oversaturated with content, it is hard to stand out and reach your potential customer. We are here to help you in this challenging but worthwhile endeavor.

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How to Use Webinar to Drive Traffic and Leads for B2B Companies


A webinar is an effective but often overlooked tool for those, looking to promote their B2B business, build the reputation, keep the old clients, and attract a new audience. In this article, I will discuss how to start integrating webinars into your business promotion strategy, the stages of preparation and the main benefits.

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How to Do Tests and Exams in eLearning

test and exams

Are you planning to launch an e-learning empire and make money off your knowledge and expertise? At MyOwnConference, we welcome industry professionals willing to put their time and effort into the noble goal of educating others. With people’s lives getting busier and attention spans shorter, it is a truly challenging, but rewarding endeavor.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Webinars Over Live Conferences


Webinars are no longer a buzzword for the select social media connoisseurs, but rather a must-have for every respectable business or brand. With affordable webinar platforms on the rise, anyone can become a presenter from the comfort of their home or office. But does that mean you should forever discard offline live events as a relic of the past?

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How To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking?

public speakig fear

Everybody and his cousin holding completely different positions, ever and again, are faced with the necessity of public speech. Today, not artists and professional speakers have to interact with the public only. Most often, in a line of duty, this has to be done by training managers, top managers, lawyers, heads of departments, etc., they conduct self-presentations, give speeches at conferences, present their companies, use public speeches for a variety of purposes.

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