5 Essential Ways to Boost Your Webinar Attendance

Boost Your Webinar Attendance
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Hosting and organizing a successful webinar is not rocket science – it’s not a walk in the park either. After all, it’s not all about mastering the topic you will deliver but also attracting as many attendees as possible.

You’ve practised so hard and revised the topic you will deliver, you’ve prepared all the equipment you need for the event, you’ve also organized your desk and the venue space to make your webinar more productive. 

But… there are only three people that show up in your webinar. 

It hurts, of course – and awkward. And that’s when you realized that you need to be more active in promoting your webinar, letting more of your audiences know about the event.

The more people attend your webinar, the higher your chances of getting more exposure as an expert. Also, you have more opportunities to encourage your audience to perform your desired actions and build the prospect relationship.

Despite all those advantages that extensive webinar software features offer out there, many speakers like you still struggle to optimize results with their overall participation totals. And remember, attracting webinar attendees is not all about getting them to complete the registration form but also reminding them to actually show up and engage with your event.

Below are some best practices you can use to scale your webinar attendees from ten to a thousand.

#1. Choose Your Topic Wisely

No one wants to show up at your webinar if you choose a mainstream, overused topic. People always strive and are curious about up-to-date topics that briefly talk about the latest trends. 

Therefore, you need to find out what topics your audiences are interested in and excited to learn about.

The best way to choosing the perfect topic is by having a solid understanding of your potential attendees’ pain points and the trendiest solutions you can offer them. An attendee will only show up to your webinar if the topic you choose answers a question to which they still haven’t found a satisfactory answer.

Avoid using the webinar to purely promote your business and brag about the awesome features your products have to offer. No one likes to be sold to. So, remember, you need to offer value through your topics in the first place to entice more attendees for your webinar.

#2. Offer Incentives

You can attract more attendees by offering attention-grabbing incentives. Freebies or bonuses are a great way to give your potential attendees a reason not to miss out on your webinar. After all, who doesn’t love to get something for free?

The incentives you offer do not have to be fancy and super expensive. You can provide them premium access to software, voucher gifts, or exclusive content (i.g., in-depth reports, whitepaper, e-books, explainer videos, etc.). The key here is to choose incentives that your attendees need and find valuable.

Giving away extra perks during your webinar is also a light-heard way to add more value to your webinar presentation to strengthen your relationship with your attendees. When they receive something valuable for free, they will be more inclined to want to repay you. This way, they will encourage themselves to come back to your next webinar and become return attendees.

#3. Go Social

There are 3.4 billion social users worldwide, making social media an ideal place to attract more eyeballs and entice more attendees. They are such ideal online places to hone in your webinar ads and boost performance.

According to stats, social media ads help businesses increase the webinar registration rate up to 51%. Also, at least 20% of webinar attendees convert into customers.

Social media ads like Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads offer you a targeting option. This feature makes it much easier for you to narrow down your lists to those who have been the most interested in your event. Therefore, you can target the right people at the right time and in the right place. You can say that it offers you better results in no time compared to organic postings.

#4. Feature a Guest Speaker

Featuring other speakers as guests in your webinar should help boost your event’s exposure. The reason for this is twofold. First, your potential attendees will be more excited to attend your webinar since they can get insightful information from another industry expert. 

Second, the guest speaker you featured will also promote your event to their audiences since they take part in it. That means that you can expand your reach by attracting an audience base that was never possible without a guest speaker.

More professional speakers also mean that there will be more perspectives and points of view, making the meeting even more far-reaching, thought-provoking, and informative. Therefore, various speakers can even liven up a webinar and drive real engagement with the attendees. 

With the higher engagement rate, you can tempt your attendees to keep showing up to your next webinars.

#5. Choose the Best Day and Time

Certain days and times work better when trying to attract the largest attendees possible for your webinars. You need to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the best day and time to hold your webinar. It should all depend on your potential attendees themselves.

While it’s almost impossible to accommodate everyone’s schedule, a study shows that most people prefer to attend a webinar on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 11 AM or 2 PM. 

And if you aim to reach attendees worldwide, it means you have to deal with multiple time zones. In this case, you can prerecord your webinar, then schedule it to run multiple times. You can still include Q&A sections at the end to engage the attendees and bump up the interactivity.

Final Thoughts about How to Boost Your Webinar Attendance

Increasing the number of attendees is so much more than creating a poster about your webinar and post it on your Instagram Story. You need more advanced strategies to catch potential attendees’ attention and give them reasons why your webinar is worth their time. 

With those five essential tips above, now you understand where you should begin and what you should focus on to let more people know about your upcoming webinar. 

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