12 Popular Topics for Webinars

webinar topic

Selecting the topic of a future webinar could be a nightmare for a starting presenter, since it needs to be both interesting for them and marketable for the target audience. We have prepared 12 trendy topics that are most frequently discussed and searched for on the web.

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Difference Between Webinar, Video Conferencing, Online Meeting and Masterclass

Video conference

Do you think about the best online method to communicate with your clients, colleagues or partners? If you are still on the fence, this article will help you understand the differences between various modes of online communication: online meetings, video conferences, web conferences, webinars and masterclasses.

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Are Webinars Dead? The Future of the Webinars

The future of webinar

Are you wondering if you should join the ranks of webinar creators in 2019?
Even though organizing a webinar is cheap, you still sustain a serious opportunity cost, as preparing a high-quality event can be pretty time-consuming. It’s only natural to want some guarantees.

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How to Make Webinars More Interactive


The effectiveness of webinars depends on the level of interest from the audience. The main mistake many speakers make is organizing their speech like a lecture where they simply convey information and don’t worry about the engagement and interactive of their listeners.

However, it is more reasonable to show fewer data and be more mindful of your audience to make a webinar interactive and interesting.

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Is It Better to Do a Webinar or a Podcast?

A webinar or a podcast

A webinar or a podcast? The easy answer would be – it depends on what you are looking to accomplish. However, we are not about to let you walk this path alone. In this article, we will illuminate the topic from different angles and help you decide what works best in your individual case.

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