How to Successfully Promote Webinars with Instagram

Promotion with IG

One of the best ways to promote anything these days is through social network platforms like Instagram. With over a billion users, you can use this platform for marketing your webinars. Since Instagram is a mobile phone-based social media network, you will have a wider reach in terms of audiences.

With Instagram, you can attract followers, follow people, publish video and photo posts, and engage with others. The app also gives you opportunities to advertise webinars and other content for many people to see.

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6 Microlearning Rules Every Online Training Developer Must Follow

Microlearning rules

Training is an essential part of the journey of every employee. When you get hired by a company, your first month is full of training sessions and presentations. They aim to introduce you to the company culture and policy but also teach you how to use different tools or meet your colleagues. Thanks to the global pandemic that has put a toll on the development and evolution of many companies, the majority of people are now working remotely. 

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How to Use Webinar to Drive Traffic and Leads for B2B Companies

webinars for b2b

A webinar is an effective but often overlooked tool for anyone looking to promote their B2B business, build their reputation, keep old clients, and attract a new audience. In this article, I will discuss how to start integrating webinars into your business promotion strategy, the stages of preparation and the main benefits.

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How Much Does it Really Cost to Host a Webinar?

webinar cost

Webinars provide an excellent opportunity to show potential leads how valuable your business could be to them. This should be done by educating and engaging your audience rather than simply selling to them. You have the chance to develop a strong relationship with a webinar audience by allowing them to see the face and voice behind your products and services.

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Why Your Webinars are not Successful

Webinars are not Successful

Are your webinars suffering from low attendance? Do you feel like your webinars are just…bleh? Are you putting a lot of effort into organizing them with little or no reward? If this is the case, you need to start doing things differently so that future webinars are more successful. Achieving this success will help you generate the leads that you need to expand your business.

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