Automated Webinar: All The Subtleties of Making Money on Autopilot

free automated webinar

MyOwnConference has a long-awaited summer update for our clients. From July 1, all users have access to the “Automated Webinar” function in BETA mode. It will allow you to take a break, enjoy the summer and luxurious vacation, and still continue your regular meetings with your clients and students.

Let us take a look at how the Automated Webinars work in MyOwnConference.

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What if webinar attendees complain about the sound, video, and so on?

attendees complain

Every webinar host hopes that his event will have no delays or complaints. But practically, almost every speaker and webinar organizer, including you, have seen messages from participants such as: “no sound”, “sound disappeared”, “where is the video”, “I do not see the lecturer”, “when is the webinar “, ” lost sound and video “, ” lost sound” and the like.

Of course, this is not ideal, especially if the host has not even started the broadcast yet.

A webinar host most likely carefully prepares for an event, collecting material, designing a presentation, and so on. Of course, he wants each participant to come out of the event with a smooth experience. But the internet is not always on board.

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How to Use Video at Events to Improve Audience Engagement

Video at Events

An attentive audience is the first indicator of a successful event.

The engaged audience will listen to what the speaker has to say, actively participate more, and leave the event happy with the feeling of wanting more.

Capturing the attention of the audience and keeping them interested and engaged isn’t easy.

To achieve this goal, you have to bring out the best marketing tool currently available – video content.

Today, let’s explore effective ways to use video at events to improve audience engagement.

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10 Video Conferencing Security Best Practices

Video Conferencing Security Best Practices


The pandemic has enclosed us within our residents. We all work from remote locations, and video conferencing has become an essential part of our lives. 

The hackers invade webinars and get the password. Imagine your valuable webinar equipment, information and the company’s secret is being out in public. It can also disrupt the E-learning process. 

In the list of country with the most hackers, China is at the top.  These are more harmful than it seems for online meeting security. Recently FBI and other cybersecurity agencies have warned the users regarding this. 

FBI warnings


Cyber-hacking has cost the US $57 billion to $109 billion. Therefore, the security of video conferencing shall be the utmost priority of the organizations. I am going to elaborate on simple steps. By using these steps, you will be able to secure your online meetings.   


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10 Perfect Webinar Landing Page Examples

Webinar Landing Page

A landing page is overlooked b ut a compelling method of boosting the number of leads and registrations. It’s a web page where users typically land after clicking on a particular ad or link, such as an ad for the upcoming webinar. It can contain the event’s title, its main benefits, information about the speakers, and, most importantly, a CTA (call-to-action) button.

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