How to Write Webinar Announcement

webinar announcement

Webinar announcements are placed on the registration pages, in social networks and emails. A good announcement would contain major information about the webinar and answers to visitors’ possible questions concerning the upcoming event. On top of that, such an announcement motivates users to register for the webinar. Below, 10 questions are offered that would help you prepare a quality informative announcement.

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10 Tips to Keep Visitor Attention During Webinar


Frankly speaking, keeping attendees at the webinar is more difficult compared to a live presentation. When at an offline event, visitors may feel uncomfortable when leaving. But to leave a webinar, it is enough to simply close the web browser tab. How can the audience’s attention be retained from the first till the last minute of the broadcast? Here are 10 ways to achieve it.

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Choosing Webinar Date. What Is the Best Time for a Webinar?


Researches prove that webinars held on Mondays and Fridays are less visited than those held on other days of the week. Other polls state that attendance is low on Tuesdays. At MyOwnConference, we are sure that people will attend your webinar even on Friday night in case they see its point. Yet, having studied the researches we arrived at our own conclusions.

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