Hold Webinar Everyone Would Follow till the End?

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So, you are getting ready to webinar holding: you select the topic, prepare your keynote and gather your audience. Sure thing, you would like it to welcome as many attendees as possible and they’d better stay at the webinar from the very beginning until the end. But what should you do in case the number of attendees is gradually becoming less towards the end of the event?

Why Attendee Leave a Webinar?

This article considers 5 main reasons why a webinar attendee would leave the webinar far before the end, and the ways of avoiding them.

Monotonous Story

The presenter keeps speaking in the manner making webinar attendees falling asleep or, what is even worse than that, is reading one’s text from the notes instead of speaking enthusiastically. Be sure the webinar audience will not resist that for even 15 minutes.

Another reason might be the presenter switching from one topic to another, which is very tiresome for the webinar attendees.

How to avoid it?

  • Speak instead of reading. You could make some brief notes that would be useful to remember the presentation plan. Yet, writing down the complete text of your presentation would be a bad idea.
  • Keep your information structured. Think about the structure of your presentation. A logically consistent presentation is much easier to perceive for webinar attendees.

Advertising Instead of Useful Info

It is no secret that holding conferences fosters specific business goals: increasing the number of clients, presenting a new product, or gathering attendees for a paid webinar. Yet, people come to webinars for helpful information and solutions to their problems. This is why you should better not turn your webinar into a sheer self-presentation and advertising.

How to avoid it?

  • Webinars should bring attendees helpful something. For instance, in 60 minutes, it is possible to explain how to make email messages that would not be filtered as spam. 5-10 minutes of webinar duration would be quite enough for advertising.

Duration Exceeded

If a webinar has been announced to last for 60 minutes but 90 minutes later after its start, you are still speaking to the attendees, be sure that 50-60% of the audience will leave the webinar. First, they reserved a certain amount of time for the webinar in their schedule. Secondly, after 45 minutes, the concentration of attention decreases dramatically.

How to avoid it?

  • Hold webinars not longer than 60 minutes or do not forget to make pauses every 50 minutes.

Technical Issues

During webinar holding, technical problems are possible, e.g., Internet disconnections, computer freezes, or webinar service problems.

As a rule, webinar attendees are quite loyal to technical issues, especially when they are not significant and do not impact the webinar experience. Yet, in case these technical problems are considerable (delay in sound or video broadcasting of over 1 minute, bad audibility of the presenter, or some attendees get kicked off the room now and then) and not solved within the shortest period, the audience can experience a significant drop.

How to avoid it?

  • Check your equipment before the webinar, including webcam, microphone and computer. To do so, click here and press the button «Let’s Go».
  • Close all applications and downloads that might influence the Internet connectivity speed.

Methods of Attention Keeping not Used

Even during an offline seminar, the attention of people is distracted. When holding webinars, presenters need to make pauses every 15-20 minutes, communicate with the audience, and tell it jokes.

The attention of online event attendees is even more distracted as they pay attention to notifications on their computers, text messages, emails, and social network newsfeeds. This is why if presenters do not fight for the attention of attendees, their number will get considerably less by the end of the event, as they will get distracted by other things.

How to avoid it?

  • Keep communicating with the attendees. Ask them questions, invites attendees to speak, and organize polls and surveys. This makes the audience more active and involved.
  • Add visual effects. Webinar services such as MyOwnConference offer diverse visual instrumentation: demonstration of slides, videos, diagrams, and graphs.


Hold webinars with interest, share useful information, make pauses, and involve your audience in dialogue — and speakers will hardly be able to leave your webinar before it is over.

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