How Do I Organize a One-Off Online Event Without Overpaying?

one-day webinar plan

Nobody wants to pay for a service they don’t use. Therefore, when planning a single online conference or a one-time webinar, it is better to choose a service that offers a one-time or one-day plan.

Today we will answer the most frequently asked questions related to one-day webinar plans.

What Is A One-time Webinar?

A one-time webinar or one-day tariff plan is one of the types of tariff plans on the webinar site, the action of which is limited to 24 hours or less. For example, in the one-day tariff plan for MyOwnConference, you can host an unlimited number of webinars within 24 hours.

Why Do I Need A One-time Webinar Plan?

A one-time webinar is an ideal solution when:

  • You are just starting to get acquainted with the technology of webinars and are not sure whether you will be holding online meetings in the future;
  • You host no more than 2 webinars per month;
  • More users registered for the webinar than the paid webinar room can accommodate;
  • It is necessary to hold a large-scale conference once;
  • It would be best if you held a one-day webinar, but the usual webinar platforms fail.

With a one-day rate, you do not overpay or pay for the time when you do not use the service. On the other hand, if you conduct webinars frequently, it will be more profitable to pay for a month or more.

Where To Hold A One-time Webinar, And How Much Does A Webinar Room For One Day Cost?

Not all webinar services offer one-day packages. Some services which offer this option are Pruffme from $15 and MyOwnConference – from 10 euros.

How Do I Choose A Plan If I Don’t Plan to Conduct Webinars Regularly?

If you conduct three or more webinars a month, it is more profitable to choose a monthly plan. If you don’t, then it is advisable to choose the daily plan. Pay attention to whether there are any restrictions on the number of meetings held and the recording time during the daily plan. You can usually conduct 3-4 webinars at once in one day.

One-time Rate for MyOwnConference

Each webinar service has its own daily rate limits. We will answer the most frequent questions about holding a one-time webinar in MyOwnConference.

Is It Possible To Pay For Such A Plan In Advance?

Yes, you can pay for a one-day plan both on the day of the webinar and in advance.

How Long Is The One-day Webinar Plan Valid?

If you pay for a one-time webinar that will be held on the day of payment, it is activated within 5 minutes and is valid for 24 hours. One-day plans for a future event are activated at 1:00 am on the day of the webinar and are valid for 24 hours.

Can I Pay For A One-time Rate by Bank Transfer?

You can, but keep in mind that the time it takes for the transfer to be credited may take up to 10 days. Therefore, it is worth paying in advance. For urgent webinars, we advise you to pay by card.

Can I Get An Invoice For Purchasing A One-day Plan?

Yes, you can pay and receive an invoice.

How Do I Buy A One-day Rate?

In your account, go to the Payment section and click the Pay for the one-day button.

Then select the desired number of seats and the activation date. Click Pay.

How Many Webinars Can I Host With a One-time Rate?

There is no limit on the number of webinars during the day on our site. You can host an unlimited number of webinars on a paid day.

Can The One-day Rate Be Expanded?

You can expand the one-day rate from the webinar room using the purchase button. This will add an additional 100 seats. Please note that you cannot replace the one-day rate with a higher or lower one. It is better to buy one-day plans with a reserve of seats.

What Is The Maximum Number of Participants That Can Be Invited For A One-day Webinar?

We offer one-day rates for webinars from 60 to 10000 attendees. As part of each paid plan, up to 10 speakers can speak at the webinar at the same time. And in turn, at the request of the organizer, each participant can perform.

Can I Host One-time Online Events for Free?

You can host a one-time webinar for 20 people for free. You will have access to all the features of a regular webinar room.

Whether you want to reduce the cost of hosting webinars or you need a one-time plan for one or several webinars in one day, we are here to help you.

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