How to Promote Your SaaS Using Webinar


Webinars can work magic for the popularity of your SaaS. This article will discuss how you can use web conferences to warm up your leads and drive those conversions.

Why Integrate Webinars into Marketing Strategy as SaaS?

While there are numerous promotional tools available, webinars are definitely a unique one. Many would hesitate to incorporate them since they require a bit more effort than a blog article or a Facebook post. However, the payoff, although not obvious right away, will definitely be worth it in the long-term.

Here are five reasons why you should use webinars to promote your SaaS:

Create email lists

To register for a webinar, at the very least viewers are required to provide their emails. You can use those emails to create lists for further promotional campaigns of your SaaS.

Generate leads

According to ClickMeeting, 77% of companies treat webinars as a lead magnet. If you think about it, offering high-quality content is really the best way to meet your SaaS’s potential customer.

Educate clients

Webinars are useful not only for new viewers. They can help existing SaaS customers learn more about the product and gain a refreshed perspective on its benefits and functionality.

Build authority

Of course, that only works if you know all the ins and outs of your product, prepare for the event, and do not get stage fright. If you can tick all those boxes, you can make yourself stand out as a SaaS expert in your audience’s eyes.

Humanize the company

This is the only reason you really need it.

Today’s market is overcrowded with SaaS companies of similar caliber vying for a limited pool of consumers. People are bombarded with offers every day: on their social media feeds, favorite YouTube channels, even while simply browsing the web.

Therefore, it became customary to turn the blind eye and simply go about your business. If you want to catch people’s attention, it’s no longer enough to have a solid value proposition. You’ve got to create that special link – a relationship if you may.

Webinars allow you and your potential customer to meet face-to-face, have a good laugh over issues you both can understand, and give each other a helping hand.

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People would much rather trust other people than the so-called faceless corporations. Webinars allow you to put a human face on your brand, which, of course, inspires customers to pick your SaaS offer over other similar propositions.

How to Promote SaaS with Webinars

There are a lot of actions that contribute to the success of your webinar as a SaaS promotion tool. Let’s discuss the most important ones in more detail.

Determine the target audience

It’s impossible to succeed with a webinar if you don’t know who your viewers are. I mean, you may get lucky, but let’s not rely on sheer chance.

First, you should discover the audience’s demographics, nationality, residency, gender, language. These are the basics that can help you determine the best time to run a webinar, the language you should use, and, perhaps, the examples to include in your webinar script.

Secondly, you need to find out how familiar your audience is with the SaaS product. Of course, you may just run a webinar for beginners and avoid that headache. However, as we established earlier, webinars are not only useful for new leads and prospects.

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The best way to palpate your customers’ knowledge is to run a poll/survey, look for patterns in questions directed to customer support, read their feedback and reviews. That sounds like a lot of work, but it’s better not to ignore it if you want your topic to resonate with the target audience of your SaaS.

Set clear goals and KPIs

Goals and KPIs are interconnected. For example, if you run a webinar for SaaS newbies, you may want to measure the registration and attendance rates. If your event’s goal is to warm up the prospects, you should focus on the conversion metrics.

Have a value-based timeline

If you provide value, sales will follow. If you focus heavily on sales, not only the new leads will be scared away, but the existing customers may disappear as well.

The perfect timeline for a SaaS webinar would include 5 minutes for an intro, 30-40 minutes for the body content, 10-15 minutes for Q&A, and only about 10 minutes for a sales pitch (which is pretty long still).

The only reason a sales pitch should be that long is that you need to integrate it seamlessly into the webinar content. You may share your customer’s success story with the SaaS, tell a joke, or make a compelling thesis statement of why you are trying to sell your SaaS to the viewers in the first place.

Webinar participants would sometimes buy your SaaS simply out of gratitude for the time and effort you put into the event. And if they don’t, well, you’ve got their emails – it’s time to focus on warming up and converting those leads.

Follow-up after the webinar

Do not just give up on those who did not convert immediately. Some people may be less familiar with your company and require more effort on your part. Some are just suspicious due to their personal convictions, a previous bad experience – the reasons are manifold.

follow up email

Here it is important not to try too hard but keep a consistent schedule nonetheless. Even if you can deliver high-quality emails filled with useful content and tips every day, hold your horses. Not only will it look like spam, but you may also devalue your efforts in the process.

Scarcity and consistency and your friends here. Even if you send an email to your previous participants, aka leads, once a week on Monday, it will help build trust and push them further and further through the SaaS buying cycle.

Cross-promote your content

Promote your webinars on your website, blog, social media channels and vice versa. However, make sure the content you deliver is consistent across all platforms – you do not want to confuse and ultimately lose the customers of your SaaS.

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Reuse webinar content

Do not think of webinars as a one-off event with a singular, immediate benefit. Webinars can be so much more for your SaaS – you just need to get creative.

Use recordings as evergreen on-demand webinars for future leads and customers. It will make it easier for your future prospects to move through the sales funnel and make the ultimate SaaS purchase.

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Make short clips of your webinar for advertising purposes. Post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform of your choice.

Include longer videos on your YouTube channel. Do not forget to polish the recording in advance by removing the awkward pauses, tongue slips, and the sales pitch, of course.

Video content is powerful since a lot of people prefer visual demonstration over written instructions, especially when it comes to SaaS. You should always try to squeeze the most out of it, for you and your customer’s benefit.

Introduce company experts

Viewers will be more likely to trust your software if they know that people working on it are real professionals.

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Therefore, you should not be greedy and share the spotlight with your co-workers from various fields and departments. Admit it – some people simply know the topic better than you do. Why not give voice to those people?

What is more, different viewers like different personalities, so if you diversify your presenter pool, you increase your chances of attracting a larger pool of leads and customers.

Don’t ignore partnerships

It may seem counterintuitive to partner with another SaaS company. However, unless you offer completely identical services, the benefit outweighs the risk.

By striking co-marketing and affiliate partnerships with other SaaS companies, you get reputation points and increase brand awareness and recognition.

If your SaaS products are similar rather than identical, viewers from both sides may actually be drawn to both and become shared customers.


Customize to fit the company image

Your emails, landing page, webinar room – everything should be branded with your unique SaaS logo and tagline. It will make your webinar look legitimate and appealing both to existing customers and new viewers.

Include speaker biographies and qualifications, especially if they are part of the company. This should boost the company’s ethos among the webinar participants/future SaaS consumers.

Embed customer testimonials – social proof, although often faked, is highly regarded among modern viewers.


Webinars are very useful when promoting your SaaS. However, you should follow the tips mentioned above to the best of your ability if you want to derive the most benefit from your online seminars.

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