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API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface for interaction between a website and third-party programs and services. A programmer or any other IT professional can use the API to access the capabilities of a third-party program. API is a ready-made code that helps implement the necessary functions.

This article will look at the API capabilities in MyOwnConference. You will learn how to integrate a webinar room into your website and create personalized links to join a webinar absolutely for free.

Integration of Webinars into Websites

To integrate a webinar room into your website or landing page, you need to add an HTML tag iFrame to the page’s source code. To do this, first log into your personal account on MyOwnConference, click on the Webinar room and open the settings. Check the boxes Activate the embedded version of the webinar.

activate code

Now you can copy the code for webinar integration into your website right in the Webinar room. There are two webinar room options at your disposal: a lightweight version with no chat or login window, and a standard version with familiar interface and features. Remember that the number of viewers is also taken into account.

copy ended code

The light version code will look like this:

<iframe src = “https://live.myownconference.com/en/yourroom/light” width = “800” height = “600”> </ iframe>

The standard version code is the following:

<iframe src = “https://live.myownconference.com/yourroom” width = “100%” height = “100%”> </ iframe>

The embedded webinar room will look approximately like this on your website.

The Creation of Personalized Links

With the MyOwnConference API, you can create links to log into the webinar automatically.

Links should have the following form:

1) Webinar without password
https://live.myownconference.com/{LANGUAGE}/{LINK}{GUEST NAME}

2) Webinar with password
https://live.myownconference.com/{LANGUAGE}/{LINK}/{GUEST NAME}/{PASSWORD}

{LANGUAGE} is a webinar interface language, for example: en – English, ru – Russian, uk – Ukrainian;
{LINK} is a link to the webinar. You create the link in your webinar settings;
{GUEST NAME} is a name of a webinar participant, processed by the urlencode function, for example, Jon Smith;
{PASSWORD} is a password encoded in MD5.

You can send a link to your participants via email or text message.

We recommend reading on How to share a webinar link.


With the MyOwnConference API, you can integrate a webinar room into your website and create personalized links for participants. Shall you encounter any difficulties with the API, do not hesitate to contact our tech support for expert help.

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