How Webinars Transform Online Learning


Webinars are a synchronous type of online learning. They allow viewers to tune into a kind of online lecture/discussion for some time and learn something useful. But are webinars better than a traditional online course? Why should you opt for a webinar whenever you have a choice?

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Organizing Distance Learning Using Webinars

Organizing Distance Learning

Distance learning is gaining pace. Many companies and tutors have acknowledged the advantages of online education and hurried up to introduce this tool into their work. Today we are going to talk about webinars that are one of the popular ways of organizing distance learning.

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Ways to Organize Distance Corporate Learning

Distance Corporate Learning

Nobody will now disagree that the Internet revolution has been leading to an incredible transformation of the learning process, making possible its remote organization. Hence, modern people have much more chances to gain knowledge faster and easier just from their comfortable armchairs.

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