The Study Tips That All Online Learners Should Know About

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Taking an online class is only half the challenge. If you want to complete the course successfully, then you have to know how to effectively study the material effectively. This, of course, is a little trickier and is something everyone struggles with, regardless of the class they are taking.

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10 Quick Tips For Effective eLearning

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Effective eLearning is obviously a high-scale objective of most learners, especially when it comes to achieving the maximum KPI. So, what’s effective eLearning and how to attain it? As revealed by the experts that offer specialized essay help, distance learning in the digital era requires lots of skills and competencies. So, let’s review ten quick tips for effective eLearning in 2019.

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How to Use Webinars for Training

webinars for training

Good companies educate themselves, their employees, and customers. If you want your company to keep up with a never-stopping avalanche of news, trends and regulations, you will need to train yourself, your staff, and clients regularly.

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How to Find Topic for Online Course and Finally Start Working on It? Personal Experience and Practical Advice

Personal experience

Andrew is a professional blogger. He maintains several blogs for third-party companies. In addition to that, he has his own online course and webinars, where he teaches other freelancers to launch their own blogs and make money off them. Today he is going to discuss how to find a perfect topic for an online course.

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KPIs of Educational Projects: How to Measure Performance

How do you find out if your online courses bring results to the viewers? Is your online school growing or stagnating? You can’t answer these questions without effectiveness metrics.

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How to Do Tests and Exams in eLearning

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Are you planning to launch an e-learning empire and make money off your knowledge and expertise? At MyOwnConference, we welcome industry professionals willing to put their time and effort into the noble goal of educating others. With people’s lives getting busier and attention spans shorter, it is a truly challenging, but rewarding endeavor.

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Effects of e-learning on Students’ Motivation


Today, the computer is here to stay in all forms of teaching, from primary and higher education to continuing education. Because to remain in the labor market, people need to keep themselves more active “in working form”. It is not always possible to do this without the Internet and a computer. It is impossible to imagine a higher education institution or an educational enterprise that does not have a computer class or does not use the Internet to publish its educational materials. Learning online has recently been known collectively as e-learning. The Internet allows students to expand their capabilities significantly.

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Getting Smart with: Online Tools for Self-educatіon


Consіder уourself a lіfelong learner? Well, you’re іn luck. The e-learnіng market worldwіde іs estimated to surpass $243 billion by 2022. At no poіnt іn hіstorу were people were more capable of teachіng themselves than now. Maуbe you always wanted to learn to programme? Or уou were passіonate about becomіng a better wrіter?

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Make Money by Creating and Selling Online Courses

According to a study by Brandon-Hall, learners typically take 40% – 60% less time in online learning modes than in typical classroom training. Moreover, e-learning maintains 25% — 60% retention rate, while face-to-face training only just manages to retain 8% — 10% of the same. For these reasons alone companies worldwide have adopted online corporate training and 40% of them admit to achieve an 18% boost in their employee engagement.

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Microlearning. Is it Worth Messing with it?


Microlearning has become an absolute trend in e-learning. But why do we still speak about it as the main trend in online education, why is there so much buzz around microlearning and is it worth spending time on creating such classes at all?

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