What is a Webinar and How Does it Work?

what is a webinar

Webinar (synonym: online seminar, web conference) is an online meeting or presentation held via the Internet in real time. To put it simply, it is an online event, which connects individuals with viewers across the world.

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Holding Webinars: Complete Preparation Guide

webinar holding

Often, it is very difficult to start doing something. There are dozens of reasons not to start, like things distracting you, or lack of time, or inspiration missing. Moreover, if there is no precise plan to follow, the whole process could turn into a nightmare. By making a clear list of what needs to be done you solve the most important problem, which sounds like “I don’t know what to take care of”. You might say you know nothing about making a plan of holding your webinar. In fact, you don’t have to, as we have done that for you. So, let’s start.

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Weekly Webinars: Why Do Companies Organize Webinar So Often

weekly webinar

Modern businessmen organize webinars for their existing and prospective audience quite often. Why do companies organize webinars so frequently? Why is it so important? What goals do they pursue? Probably, it brings great benefits if they spend so many time and money for that…

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Team for Holding Webinars

team for webinar
If you have ever held a webinar, you must have learned that preparation takes much time and considerable efforts. To-do’s usually include preparing a keynote, setting up a webinar room, invite attendees etc. It is nice to have a team taking care of at least some part of these tasks.

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How to Use Webinars for Video Marketing

video marketing

At present time the value of video marketing increases tremendously. Actually, it becomes the compulsory part of any program of online promotion. And more and more companies include it in their promotional programs and plan thoroughly.

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Successful Webinars: 17 Rules

webinar rules

The webinar platform MyOwnConference has hosted over a million of webinars by now. We have analyzed the best ones and outlined 17 rules, by following which you will be able to prepare and hold a successful event.

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Webinar History


Webinars or online seminars have become an integral part of our life long ago. Yet, not many of us have ever thought about the history of webinars, e.g. when and where they appeared, or what their predecessors were. Today we would like to offer you an insight into this wonderful technology.

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Implementing Webinars: 10 Valuable Guidelines

Implementing webinars

Every company taking care of its own development and flourishing faces the matter of effective personnel training. Many have understood already that simply providing a tutor to offer a new employee introductory training is not enough and implementing webinars is the best step now. Really good tutors are met seldom; moreover, this method is not suitable for developing key employees is of completely no use. Additionally, constantly active and engaging teaching of employees needs to be taken care of. Training, you would say to this. Sure, one cannot fail to agree. Yet, there is a better variant, which implies the introduction of webinars into a training program.

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How to Use Webinars Efficiently

ho to use webinar

Webinars are becoming one of the most powerful tools in the modern business and communication. They open huge opportunities in any activity: social, political or economic. Read how to use webinars efficiently.

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