Weekly Webinars: Why Do Companies Organize Webinar So Often

weekly webinar

Modern businesses organize weekly webinars for their existing and prospective audiences quite often. Why do companies organize them so frequently? Why is it so important? What goals do they pursue? A weekly webinar must bring considerable benefits if companies spend so many time and money on them.

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Webinars as a Tool for Brand Building

brand building

Webinars are a fantastic marketing instrument if you want to create a brand based on value rather than traditional advertising. However, with an internet oversaturated with content, it is hard to stand out and reach your potential customer. We are here to help you in this challenging, but worthwhile endeavor.

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How to Use Webinar to Drive Traffic and Leads for B2B Companies


A webinar is an effective but often overlooked tool for those, looking to promote their B2B business, build the reputation, keep the old clients, and attract a new audience. In this article, I will discuss how to start integrating webinars into your business promotion strategy, the stages of preparation and the main benefits.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Webinars Over Live Conferences


Webinars are no longer a buzzword for the select social media connoisseurs, but rather a must have for every respectable business or brand. With affordable webinar platforms on the rise, anyone can become a presenter from the comfort of their home or office. But does that mean you should forever discard offline live events as a relic of the past?

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Non-standard Methods of Conducting Webinars

conducting webinar

There are certain rules for conducting webinars, which guide the organizers and presenters when organizing and holding the event itself. Following the positions of the rules allows you to make your online training as efficient and interesting as possible. Just before the start of the online conference, you must perform the following steps.

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Automated Vs. Live Webinar: Pros and Cons

pros and cons

With more and more people choosing video over traditional media, it is only a matter of time when webinars become as common as static ads or blog posts. However, the question arises: what format should one follow to attract the most leads and get the highest return on investment?

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What is a Webinar and How Does it Work?

what is a webinar

Webinar (synonym: online seminar, web conference) is an online meeting or presentation held via the Internet in real time. To put it simply, it is an online event, which connects individuals with viewers across the world.

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You’ve Held Your Webinar. 7 Ideas what to Do Next

do more after webinar

So, you have just held your webinar. Your preparation has been great, and you have taken into account all tips and tricks; you were a super start during your presentation and the audience was astonished. Congrats! It looks like it’s high time to have some rest, yeah? No way!

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Holding Webinars: Complete Preparation Guide

webinar holding

Often, it is very difficult to start doing something. There are dozens of reasons not to start, like things distracting you, or lack of time, or inspiration missing. Moreover, if there is no precise plan to follow, the whole process could turn into a nightmare. By making a clear list of what needs to be done you solve the most important problem, which sounds like “I don’t know what to take care of”. You might say you know nothing about making a plan of holding your webinar. In fact, you don’t have to, as we have done that for you. So, let’s start.

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