7 Most Popular Types of Visual Content to Use in Your Webinars


Why should we care about visual content?  Most people think reading is the best way to learn, which is why most of our school materials are still text-based. However, psychologists say that most of us learn without the use of language and that most of our learning happens without conscious effort.

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Webinar History. When the webinar was appeared?

webinar history

Webinars or online seminars have become an integral part of our life long ago. Yet, not many of us have ever thought about the webinar history, e.g. when and where they appeared, or what their predecessors were. Today we would like to offer you an insight into this wonderful technology.

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Implementing Webinars: 10 Valuable Guidelines

Implementing webinars
Every company taking care of its own development and flourishing faces the matter of effective personnel training. Many have understood already that simply providing a tutor to offer a new employee introductory training is not enough and implementing webinars is the best step now.

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What Makes a Webinar Great? Best Practices

holding webinar

Webinars are one of the key elements of modern business. With this tool, you may attract new clients, increase the profitability of your business or, on the contrary, lose your achievements. There are components at each stage that play a decisive role in the outcome of a webinar. So, let’s analyze what makes a webinar successful. What makes a webinar great?

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