10 Original Email Campaign Ideas to Attract More Audience


Email campaigns serve as webinar invitations as well as sources of engagement and information about the upcoming event and the company upon the whole. But how should a good email campaign look like? It should be interesting, original, consistent, you would say. It is all true, but most importantly, it must work and bring you clients. Here you can find 10 ideas for a creative and effective email campaign that will make your clients want to visit and pay for your webinar.

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Storytelling: How to Tell Stories During Webinars


Today we shall talk about storytelling. Not through the prism of fairytales and novellas, or as a trend in e-learning, but rather as a tool for brand and business development.

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The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

In the recent years, with the rampant adoption of internet and accessibility to smartphones, better devices such as smartphones and laptops, the consumers in almost every industry and across various verticals are easier found online than any other medium. This has led to various avenues of marketing springing up left, right and center within the internet itself.

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Preparing the First Webinar. Short Guide

schedule webinar

Today, we would like to talk about preparing a webinar if you have not done that before and need to sort it out the soonest. We have asked Katia from MyOwnConference Client Support to tell us about the main steps to be done while preparing a webinar.

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Inventing Webinar Title. 6 Ways to Create Webinar Name

webinar name

No matter how interesting webinar announcement is, a user is sure to pass it by in case the name is not catchy. The webinar name offers a person to define whether it is worth to read the announcement, follow the event page and register. This is why drawing up the headline should be taken much care of.

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8 Tips and Tricks to Make Users Never Miss Your Webinar


Webinar organization is not an easy process. Its success significantly depends on the feedback from the audience. You will not get feedback if you don’t have listeners. So, a really essential point is to attract more audience along with the quality and importance of the provided information. That is why each webinar organizer may apply certain tricks to make users not to miss their webinar.

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