How to Choose a Webinar Service

webinar service

Conferences, meetings, marketing and training events play an essential role in any business. Today, these activities are moved into the virtual reality of the Internet. Online tools for the promotion of businesses, holding meetings are developing rapidly. Currently, we have a huge variety of different services that are made to help you in the organization of online events where participants may be located in different parts of worlds. Making a right choice and selection of the best webinar service that satisfies particular needs and purposes is not an easy thing.

If you plan to use such services multiple times it’s worth to pay attention to the webinar service, as it may play a decisive role in your success.

There may be several criteria that may guide you.

11 Things to Consider When Choosing Webinar Service

1. Interface. The tool should be easy to use. Everything should be possibly simple and visually clear.

2. Particular features. You should explore all functions that services have. Almost all of them have drawing tools, whiteboard, etc. Nevertheless, some of them are made just for a quick video chat.

3. Free trial. The most of the webinar services give a chance to users to try it for free. The period of the free trial varies for different services: 1-30 days.

4. The quality of the sound and video. This is one of the most important criteria. Actually, if the sound and video broadcasting are poor your webinar will not be successful.

5. A possibility to record the webinar. This point is important for those users who intend to post the recording of the webinar. In fact, such actions may attract even more audience that is interested in your business.

6. Convenient chat. Chat is a web conferencing feature that allows exchanging ideas between participants not interrupting the entire process. Some services provide even moderated chats with an opportunity to exclude participants. This may be quite useful in cases of disrespectful or unserious approach.

7. Stable connection. Your webinar will not be successful if the connection is interrupted all the time. Actually, it will only annoy the participants and prevent all efforts to understand and accept the information.

8. The format of services. You may use the service for web conferencing in two formats: renting it by SaaS-models (requires regular payments) or purchasing a one-time version that may be used multiple times from your own servers. The choice depends on your particular needs and goals.

9. Pricing. The services are created for a range of categories of users. The prices differ depending on the number of participants, available disc space or the possibility to record the webinar.

10. A number of participants. Some services are created for small events with just several participants while others allow hundreds or thousands of participants.

11. The amount of information that may be uploaded, i. e. disk space. Different services allow a different amount of MB of cloud space to upload your information. Usually, it’s only 500 MB for free or basic plans while advanced options give more opportunities. Some of them allow unlimited disc space.

Now let’s consider some services with different features in terms of the criteria that are mentioned above.

Top 5 Webinar Services

1. MyOwnConference

This is one of the most decent webinar services that allows users to enjoy free account and even attend open web meetings. Choosing this tool you may be sure that the connection, sound and video broadcasting will not be interfered. There is a chance to record the webinar and connect to social networks. Participants may enjoy a chat that is moderated.

2. WebEx

It allows a number of participants up to 200. It’s possible to share the screen, lock the room in order to prevent joining other participants, join the meeting from other services (for example, Skype or Polycom), enjoy chat and whiteboard.


This ensures a stable connection, free access for 50 users. You may choose one of suggested 3 plans, enjoy several services, chat, the tool Gallery view, record the webinar, add participants up to 500, share your screen, etc.

4. GoToMeeting

It offers 3 plans for 10, 50 and 100 participants. You may use this service for a free trial for 14 days. It’s possible to share the screen, the keyboard and the mouse, use dial-in conference line, tools for drawing, record the online event, and have a personal meeting room.

5. offers a convenient Scheduler. You may create your own link, choose one from 3 plans, share the screen during the meeting, use whiteboard.

Certainly, it is impossible to envisage everything and prevent all mistakes in your web meetings. However, a thorough examination of the services and considering which one is more appropriate to your needs may help to avoid confusion and reach possibly high effectiveness.

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