How to Create an Engaging Webinar Presentation

create webinar presentation

Everyone who organizes a webinar pursues a goal to make it successful, i.e. interesting, impressive, and informative. In this case, the audience is encouraged to buy new products, to attend more webinars with these speakers or to recommend them to other people. In fact, everyone knows that the best advertisement is people’s recommendations, as they seem much more trustworthy and natural.

To create a successful webinar, the presentation should be impressive and memorable. The presentation for a webinar has several differences from a presentation for seminars:

1. The environment where a person is maybe noisy or uncomfortable;

2. Some of the people use mobile phones to attend webinars;

3. Consequently, the attention of the audience is much less concentrated.

So, how to create a webinar presentation taking into account all these differences and what are the key points of this process?

STEP 1. Define the Content

At this stage, you should determine the information that you would like to tell your audience in accordance with the webinar topic and aim. This stage is like making sketches. You just imagine and note all ideas related to the webinar in any order. These ideas may be expanded or excluded further depending on the amount of information that should be provided during a certain period of time.

STEP 2. Plan

The next stage is making a webinar plan. If you organize a webinar without a plan you will be get distracted easily, less confident and make more mistakes. It’s like a flight on the plane without a flight plan. A pilot should know the exact route and directions in order not to lose the way. Similarly, a good, precise plan makes a webinar well-organized and, as a consequence, easily comprehensible, so that it will definitely reach its destiny.

At this stage, you should take sketches and organize them logically. Moreover, it would be perfect if you specify the time that should be spent on delivering each idea to the people.

So, making your plan just try to answer the following questions:

  • What?
  • How?
  • How long?
  • Why?

Making such precise and thorough plan you will be able to estimate primary and secondary ideas for the overall purpose of the webinar. If it is necessary you can exclude or extend some of them. Moreover, a detailed and well-thought-out plan gives more opportunities for improvisation.

STEP 3. Making Slides

First of all, choose the program. It may be the Microsoft PowerPoint or any other software for a presentation like Keynote for Apple or Google Presentation, etc.
Then, make the slides following these principles:

1. One idea per one slide. Sometimes people are not willing to make much effort to comprehend something. Therefore, if the slide is overloaded by a range of ideas they will be unclear and too heavy for the audience. So, for the efficient delivery of the idea, you should use the clearest way. One idea per one slide is the best way from this point of view.

2. Clear accent. The slide should clearly show what is the key element and other dependent elements.

3. Change the slides quickly. If you do this you will have more chances to keep the listeners’ attention and not letting them get bored. People like changes.
Keep in mind that each image should be shown no more than 15 seconds. Then it seems boring. You may switch the slide or begin to draw on it, show some video recordings, etc. Just show your audience more changes.

4. More images less text. The slides should be interactive and engage the audience. Use extraordinary, non-standard, bright images which will entertain your audience and be inspirational encouraging them to keep concentration and eventually buy your products. Probably, you can involve people. For instance, drawing on the slides will give them a feeling of being a part of the creative team.

5. Color scheme. Too many colours in your slides spoil the impression and, at the same time, you should not make them just in one colour. The best is 3-5 colours.

6. The contrast in the elements. To create impressive slides, make more contrasts by using different styles and various sizes.

7. Repetition. Some elements in the design of your slides may be repeated during the whole presentation making it an organic whole.

8. Proximity. Elements that are interconnected should be located close to each other on the slide. In this case, the information is easily comprehensible by the people.

The quality of your presentation plays an essential role in the success of your webinar. It may be boring or engaging. It may bring you a plenty of new clients but may leave you without your clients at all. So, as more interesting is your webinar presentation, as more profits you will have.

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