Email Campaign Before and After Webinars



Email messages are a quick and convenient means of communication you’re your webinar participants. Generally, it should not be just confined to a reminder of the webinar broadcast start and the link to the webinar room. Communication with webinar participants over email can become a full-fledged component of your marketing strategy.

Email Campaign before Webinars

As proven in practice, only 20-40% pre-registered attendees visit free webinars. So, the main task of email campaign preceding the webinar is to warm up the audience’s interest to the event.

What to send before webinar?

Useful content

Articles, video or other useful information related to the webinar topic would underline your professionalism to the audience and it will have more trust in the upcoming event.

Task or life hack

Provide your audience with a small task or a piece of advice allowing for at least a little yet feasible result. For instance, if the webinar is devoted to time management, you’re your attendees to make a list of all unfinished tasks and finish those they think will change their lives for the better (like a visit to the dentist). Such method will significantly increase your authority and listeners will be waiting for your webinar eagerly.


Offer your participants to answer one or several questions, for instance, ones concerning the problems they are nervous about or their expectations from the webinar. Supply the question with several answer variants, as users are more likely to answer this way. A survey could help you to better understand the future audience of your webinar.

Review of previous webinars

Share reviews and recommendations of the people have participated in the previous webinars. Social confirmation, and success stories, in particular, foster visitors to be waiting for your webinar eagerly.

Link to webinar room

On the webinar day, send your participants a link to the webinar room.


Reminder concerning webinar starts

Users can easily forget about your webinar, especially if they registered about a month before the event start. Remind them about the webinar several times. The topic for this letter should better be as clear and vivid as possible. E.g., “Webinar on website creation starts in 30 minutes”.

Email Campaign after Webinars

After the webinar is over, it is very important to preserve contact with webinar participants and push them to further cooperation with you. The suggested ideas could be included in a single email or used separately.

What email campaign send after the webinar?

Words of gratitude for participation in the webinar

Express your thankfulness to the participants had found time and chance to visit your webinar. Warm words are always a pleasure for the audience.

Webinar record

Sending the webinar record after the broadcast is a matter of courtesy. Webinar presentation could be attached as a separate file so that visitors should not have to scroll through the record while searching for the slide they need.

Links to additional materials

The email could contain links to additional materials related to the webinar topic: article, video, researches, infographic.

additional materials

Answers to open questions

Some questions asked by the visitors at the webinar might remain unanswered. After the webinar, be sure to look through the chat history and note such questions. Answer them in the next email.

Special offer

If a webinar contained references to your products or services, the post-broadcast email can offer a discount or a special offer. This could help the hesitating to make their decisions. The must-have requirement for the special offer is its limited time availability.

Request to make friends on social networks

After the webinar when visitors have already learned more about you, it is high time to offer the participants subscribe you or your groups in the social networks. This would allow for keeping feedback with the users and form trustful relations.

Link to your website

Invite your visitors to your website. This will help them find additional information, while you are going to receive additional traffic.

Survey on next webinars

Ask your participants about the webinar topics they would be interested in for their next visit. This could allow you to select interesting and demanded topics for future broadcasts.

Information about the next webinar

Holding webinars regularly allows for growing a maximum loyal audience. Do not miss a chance to invite listeners to your next webinar. Let them reserve their seats in the webinar room long beforehand.


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