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Summer is the time people would prefer to relax and keep things running on autopilot. But even if switching all tasks off is impossible, webinar automation can be set up. With the auto webinar function, you can hold your event and start broadcasting it later an unlimited number of times. In this article, we have gathered a selection of the most frequently asked questions on using the automated webinar function at MyOwnConference.

I would like to set up an auto webinar. What’s the best way to do that?

Automated webinars are set up as a chain of events. You can create it in the Auto Webinar section. To do so, press Add a New Auto Webinar. In the popup window, select the place, i.e. a webinar room the auto webinar will be held, and the presenter. Next, set the time zone and the schedule.

Auto webinar

In the webcam tab, select video to be demonstrated as if broadcasted from the presenter’s webcam. If needed, several videos can be added with pauses between them.

Further, select the events to happen inside the webinar room during the automated webinar, e.g. presentation demonstration, video broadcasting or chat message. Start time should be set for every event.


After all changes have been made, press the Save button.

Can I create the second automated webinar with different topic and content?

You are able to create the second auto webinar only in case you have 2 webinar rooms. The number of automated webinars a presenter can create is directly proportional to the number of webinar rooms available on the account.

As a rule, summer is the time when little people visit webinars. Can I add bots in order to increase the number of attendees?

Yes, you can. To do this:

1. In auto webinar settings, go to Attendees tab.

2. Tick the Use Bots enabler.

3. Select the method of names creation, either simplified or advanced. In the simplified method, choose participants’ names (Russian, English or mixed ones), sex (men only, women only, men and women) and set the number of names.

In the advanced generator, provide the percentage correlation of Russian and English names, men and women, names in the formats of “name only” and “first name and last name”, select the countries from the list and set the number of names.

4. Press the Generate button. You can delete the name you don’t like simply by pressing the cross beside it.

5. Save the changes.


I have set the auto webinar up, but it didn’t start at the scheduled time. What could be the reason?

1. Time zone is incorrect.

2. You introduced the latest changes to the auto webinar in less than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the auto webinar. The system will not accept those changes and the auto webinar will fail to start.





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