How to Host a Webinar on Your Own Website

It would be great if participation in a webinar could be a breeze for your attendees. One of the ways to make them feel that is letting them watch webinar on your site. Well, for this purpose, you will need only one thing – integration of our service into your own site. It cannot be made easier than that! The whole procedure takes several minutes, not more.

In fact, the share of specialized services allowing you to host a webinar on your own website is far from 100%. Time to say “Bingo!” – offers such feature for all its packages at no extra cost.

5 Steps How to Integrate a Webinar to Your Site

How to host a webinar on your website? No coding required for integration of the service anymore. From now on, with the help of the steps below, it becomes just a simple DIY thing:

1. Create your free account at

Register for free

2. Then Schedule a webinar:

Schedule a webinar

3. During scheduling, open Additional settings.

Additional settings

4. Go to the Login page section. Scroll down and find out IFRAME Integration code section. Click on the code.

Integration code

5. Now paste the code into your website’s page.

From now on, your attendees have not tied to the webinar room anymore and will be able to participate in your webinar directly from your website.

Unfortunately, not everything is 100% smooth for them, as they will have no option to speak, neither will they be able to read and send messages in the text chat. Everything except the above limitations is fully functional for those participating in the embedded version of the webinar; they turn into full-fledged participants of an online meeting.

Don’t put off the integration of our service into your website. You never know when you come across the situation, in which a visitor, due to some possible technical reasons or limitations, is not able to enter the webinar room directly. This is just the case for that kind of users to be able to visit your webinar directly from your website page. Losing your clients is never a good idea!

If you still ask yourself, “Well, so how do I host a webinar on my site?” and need more info, just drop us a message.


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