How to Create a Webinar with MyOwnConference


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So, you want to hold webinars.

MyOwnConference service provides everything you need to organize a webinar, video conference or online training: webinar room, all useful tools and qualified technical support.

In this manual, we will tell you how to set up your webinar room, add presenters and all the necessary materials for your event.

First of all, you need to sign up to MyOwnConference trial package on our website in Try for free or buy one of the provided packages in Plans & Pricing section.

Plans and pricing

You can sign up to our site by entering your name and email, or in one click by pressing the buttons of social networks Facebook or Google+.

After sing up, you will receive a message on your email to log in to the system.

You need to choose Sign in to log in to your account in MyOwnConference site or use the link

How to Enter the Webinar Room?

Webinar room – is a web page where you hold a webinar, online conference or meeting, and in fact, it is just like a usual classroom. A presenter can show students the additional materials, leave marks on a special interactive whiteboard, use the pointer. Also, the participants can interact with a presenter, ask questions via chat or voice speaker.

After entering the dashboard, you can quickly get to the webinar room by pressing the button Host a webinar now – it is the fastest way that allows you to run the webinar immediately.

In the dashboard in the Webinar room section, you also have the join button under the name of the webinar room.

This room is available to visit at any time unless you specified other settings.

Some settings can be made right in the room: add files, create a test, change the presenter’s settings, password, copy a link to invite participants.

How to Create and Plan a Webinar?

Usually, we need to configure a webinar room before the online event.

Please note that you do not get a set of webinars, not a webinar, but a place where you can hold your activities in an unlimited amount for a selected period.

In MyOwnConference, you can set up permanent settings for the webinar room or schedule an event by changing settings for each meeting.

The Schedule a webinar button allows you to schedule an event for the future.

You can find your schedule and plan the next webinar in the Webinar schedule section.

After clicking on one of these buttons, the settings window of your future webinar will open. You can select the time and date, duration and frequency of the event.

Go to the General tab.

      • Enter the webinar name and brief description.
      • Here you can also change the link to the room, set a webinar password participants must enter to join the meeting.
      • If you use Google Analytics, enter the tracking code.
      • Select the default language for the webinar room.
      • You can also activate the embedded version on the website or activate the embedded login form on the page.
      • Specify where the user has to get there if you will block it.

In the Global settings tab, you can select the actions allowed for webinar participants. You can set a number of options that will be available for your guests by choosing them in the list.

You can make the appearance of the webinar room as you like in the settings in Custom view: color, webcam position, splash image, logo and banner, as well as links which your participants will see, if they click on a banner or logo; close page URL.

The Greeting tab allows you to write a message for the participants if they enter the webinar before you.

Choose the presenter in the Presenters tab. You’ll find out how to add a new presenter in the next chapters of this guide.

In the Notifications tab, write letters to participants and set up a mailing.

Add a new message or edit the message you created earlier.

The settings you set will be valid until the end of the webinar. If you have several webinars planned, restart the webinar room before each next meeting.

How to Set Permanent Settings for a Webinar Room?

If you do not have to change the room settings for the next webinar all the time, you can set up the webinar room once.

Do the following:

      1. Select Webinar room in the dashboard;
      2. Set and save the webinar settings.

For plans with several rooms, first, add a new webinar room. 

You can always make changes to your webinar settings in Webinar room. To do this, click on settings under the title of your webinar.

How to Add a Presenter

There is no difference between roles of moderator and presenter in MyOwnConference: a moderator, as a presenter can also go on air, do a broadcast recording, and supervise a chat.

You can add or invite assistants to the webinar in Webinar presenters.

Do the following to add a new presenter:

      1. Select the Webinar presenters on Dashboard.
      2. Click the Add a new presenter.
      3. Add a name in Display Name. The name of the presenter must consist at least of 2 characters.
      4. Click the Save button.

Other fields are optional

If you want, you can immediately send an invitation to become a presenter.

You can create an unlimited number of presenters, but simulcasting broadcasting on the webinar will be available only for 10 people using a paid plan and for 2 in a trial plan.

Please note that each host takes one place in the webinar room.

Presenter’s link is individual and is created for each presenter separately.

Now you can invite a presenter. To do this, select one of the following options: copy link or send an invitation.

You can send a copy and send a link from You can copy link to invite a presenter to your webinar. This link is permanent and does not change after the end of the webinar.

If you send an invitation, the host will receive a letter with a link to the webinar entry.

How to Create a Link to Invite Participants

You can copy the link to the webinar in the Webinar room or on the dashboard, and send it to your participants.

Press copy link in line You can copy link to invite attendees to your webinar.

Then just use CTRL + V combination to paste a link in the right place.

Add Materials for a Webinar

You can add files for the webinar from the webinar room. In the Activities section, select one: Presentation, Media Files, Shared Files, Surveys or Tests.

Additional Information

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