How to Create a Webinar with MyOwnConference

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Getting Started

The MyOwnConference service provides everything you need to create, organize and manage a Webinar, video conference or online training. The webinar room contains all of the tools that you will need. You also have access to our qualified Technical Support team who will answer any questions you might have.

To get started you have two options to choose from. You may sign-up for a free trial on the MyOwnConference website (Register for free) or subscribe to one of the packages in the (Pricing) section.

If you choose to sign-up for a free account you will need to enter your name and email address or create an account by clicking on either the Facebook or Google+ buttons:

After signing up for an account, you will receive an email with all of the information needed to login to your dashboard and check out all of the features that MyOwnConference has to offer. At any time during your trial you may upgrade to one of the subscription packages.

Editing a Webinar Room Settings

A Webinar room is a web page where you host a webinar, online conference or meeting. It is very much like an online classroom in many ways. Once set up, the presenter can show participants additional materials, write information on a special interactive whiteboard and use the pointer. The participants can also interact with a presenter by asking questions via chat or direct audio.

You will have the following options available to you:


When you have finished configuring all of the settings for your Webinar, click on “Save“.

Note: please make sure that pop-ups are not blocked for the MyOwnConference site.

Creating a New Webinar

To begin the configuration of your Webinar simply click on the “join” button to enter your Webinar room. Once in the room you have access to all of the tools necessary to set up and manage your Webinar. For specific details on setting up the Webinar activities, please refer to the “Setting up the Webinar” section at the end of this user guide.

Each room will host one Webinar. All of the configuration settings you set will be valid until the end of the webinar. If you have several webinars planned, restart the Webinar room before each Webinar using the “complete webinar” button. This will remove all attendees from the Webinar:

complete webinar

Your Webinar may also be scheduled to reoccur daily, weekly or monthly with a specific start time and duration. To set up a scheduled Webinar simply click on “Scheduler” in the left pane to open the dialog box. On this screen select “Schedule a webinar” to open the configuration dialog box:


The configuration dialog box will open with the schedule tab so that you can schedule your Webinar to reoccur daily, weekly or monthly with a specific start time and duration:

scheduler tab

General tab 

Here you can configure the following settings for the Webinar:

      • Enter the webinar name and a brief description.
      • Set a webinar password participants must enter to join the meeting.
      • If you use Google Analytics, enter the tracking code.
      • Select the default language for the webinar room.
      • Specify a URL where users with restricted access will be directed to.
      • Specify where the user has to get there if you will block it.

scheduler general tab

Global setting tab 

Here you can select the actions allowed for webinar participants. You can set a number of options that will be available for your guests by selecting them in the list:

scheduler global settings tab

Custom View tab 

Here you can modify the appearance of the Webinar by using the color, webcam position, splash image, logo and banner settings. You can also provide custom URLs that participants will see when they click on the banner, logo or close page links:

scheduler custom view tab

Records tab 

Here you can configure how you want to record the Webinar and the quality of the recording as well:

scheduler records tab

Greeting tab

Here you can create a message for the participants if they enter the webinar before you do:

scheduler greetings tab

Moderator tab

Here you can select the moderator for the Webinar. To add additional moderators to the Webinar please refer to the “Adding a Moderator” section of the user guide:

scheduler moderators tab

Notification tab 

Here you can create a message and send it to participants of the Webinar. The message can also be scheduled to send on a specific date and time:

scheduler message notification tab

Add a new message or edit the message you created earlier.

The settings you set will be valid until the end of the webinar. If you have several webinars planned, restart the webinar room before each next meeting.

Adding a Moderator

The moderator controls all of the activities of the Webinar. This includes speaking, recording the Webinar, presenting keynotes, sharing the desktop, writing on the whiteboard, managing the chat, and launching surveys and polls. Usually each moderator controls a different aspect of the Webinar during the presentation.

To add a moderator simply click on “Moderators” in the left pane then click on the “Add a new moderator” button:

add a new moderator tab

Clicking on the “Add a new moderator” button will open a dialog box so that you can enter information about the new moderator:

When you click on “Save” the new moderator will appear on the dashboard. Once the new moderator is created you can invite them to host a Webinar, invite them to join your Webinar or immediately make them the Webinar host (join):

add a new moderator 2 moderators view

You may create an unlimited number of moderators but the maximum number of simultaneous (moderator hosted) broadcasts of your Webinars is limited to10 for the paid plan and 2 for the trial plan.

Inviting Participants

The MyOwnConference Webinar service includes a significant number of features to organize  and manage the sending of invitations, pre-registration process, collection of participant’s data, creation of Signup forms and creation of a landing page. A very detailed explanation of these features can be found in the “How to Invite Participants to your Webinar” user guide. The very simplest method to get the word out about your Webinar is to click on the “copy link” button which will enable you to either send the link in an email invitation or paste it on your web page so that participants can click on it to join the Webinar:

complete webinar

Setting up the Webinar

The setup of the Webinar is fairly straightforward. Simply click on the “Documents” icon and you will be brought to the “Activities” dialog box. Here you can upload keynote presentations, video and audio files, and shared files. You can also store recordings of the Webinar, polls, tests and calls to action:

setup a new webinar view

Additional Information

The information provided in this user guide should give you the basic knowledge needed to configure your Webinar room, setup a Webinar, invite participants and host a Webinar in real time or host a Webinar on a recurring schedule.

If you still have questions about the MyOwnConference service, we invite you to refer to our other user guides that will provide more in-depth information on specific aspects of the service.

We have also created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that may further assist you. If you cannot find what you are searching for please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support team by selecting one of the options located at the very bottom of the main web site:

online support