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A webinar would be impossible without participants. In this Manual, you will learn how to use MyOwnConference webinar service for organization of mailing, collection of participants’ data, creation of Signup form and Capture page and organization of pre-register for a webinar.


Create an Invitation Link

The participants need a special link from you to get to a webinar. You can make it available for everyone by posting it, for example, on your site or social networks.

In “My Webinar” section you can copy a link and send it to your participants. This link is permanent and does not change after the end of the webinar. Link has the following form:


To share an invitation link you need to:

  1. Press copy link in the line you can copy link to invite participants to the webinar.
  2. When you click on the button you will see the link that can be copied by pressing the CTRL + C, or by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Copy.
  3. Then, it is enough to use the combination CTRL + V to insert a link where you need.

Change the Webinar Link

In Webinar room you can change the link in Settings.

For example, You can use both numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.


If you have  changed the webinar link, the previous link to webinar room will not be available. Do not change the link during the webinar, because all participants will be forcibly removed from the room.


Organization of Pre-registration for a Webinar

There is another way too: you can provide a link to a webinar after registration. In this case, you can send a link to a webinar room via email. The advantage of this method that even if participant does not attend a webinar, you still will have his contact information. These data can be used for email-marketing: conversations and mailing.

Registration of webinar participants is performed using the following tools:

  1. Signup forms, which can be placed on the website of webinar organizer (on your website) as HTML-code.
  2. Capture pages which are independent web page represented as a link (URL) and can be posted in text form or as a button on website and social networks.


Signup Form

In My invitations you can create capture pages and signup forms for pre-registration of users, send reminder letters about the upcoming event for participants and manage subscriber base.

Such signup form where users can write down their data: name, email, phone number, gender, you can create in Signup forms, clicking on Add a new form.

It would be better if a signup form will be as simple as possible and contain only name and email. More information about users you can collect during a webinar using chat and quizzes.


On the left side of the window you can choose a design of signup form. You also need to specify a name of the form, its members and fields for entering the information in the right column. Click Save after all the changes.

The signup form can be placed on your website by placing its code onto your page.

Another popular way is a special capture page. You may place a link in social networks to this capture page.


Landing page

Capture page (landing page) – it is a page that contains basic information about product or service, and motivates a user to a target action (register, make a purchase, etc…).

It is important to include a call to action in a landing page. Thus, it is better to avoid usual “register” or “visit the webinar”. You can use calls to action that are directly related to the topic of the webinar, for example, “become the best copywriter” or “increase conversion by 2 times.”


Creation of a Landing Page in MyOwnConference

Remember that you cannot create a capture page without pre-prepared signup forms.


For creation of a capture page, click on the Add a new landing page button. In appeared window enter name and description of a page, and also add a signup form. In Page theme select one of the 10 templates.

After you create a page, add basic information about a webinar in Page description.


If you want to make changes in the design of landing page, just use the visual editor.


Message After Subscription

After filling in registration fields, users will receive our email just to check addresses and confirm subscription to your mailings.


Important! This message is automatically sent. Make sure that the message settings and text are correct, and if necessary, make changes. This step is important so that your subscribers realized that it was your letter and they can give a consent to receive mailings.


For this, select Settings in Control Panel and My invitations. Then successively edit information in all tabs.


Some email systems that use DMARC do not allow you to specify your email address.


Fill out Email for testing messages. In My invitations you can send a test email to specified address. It will let you see how your message looks like.

Add the needed text in Additional in Text for default after subscribe confirmation page line. Also, in this tab you can change the name of the link for mailing activation, unsubscribing and link to report spam.

Please indicate the language for emails for your subscribers In Activation message.


Confirmation of subscribing is necessary for you so you will not have non-existent addresses in your base. Also, it significantly reduce chances that your emails will go in spam. Ensure your future subscriber that agreeing on mailings he will receive only necessary and timely information from you.


You can also activate sending messages to subscribers who just have subscribed to your mailings. For this in Message after subscribing select option Activate this message to confirm subscription. Specify a subject, language and text of a message.


Organization of Data Collection of Participants

In Webinar room settings you can enable additional fields for an entry window for webinar (email, Skype) and make them obligatory.

The system verifies the existence of specified emails, and in case if user enters a non-existent (false email), after entering the room he will be forcibly removed.

For this in Settings you can point the following options:

  • Ask the attendees to enter their email addresses
  • Prohibit sign in without entering email address
  • Reject attendee if non-existing email used
  • Ask the attendees to enter their Skype name
  • Prohibit sign in without entering Skype name

If additional data fields are enabled, the participants will fill them before they enter your webinar.

This will allow you to collect data of participants and then use it to send messages via the integrated mailing system. Thus, you can continue to work with them after the webinar. All data entered by participants you can get in My invitations section, in Subscribers.

Registered Participants and Work with Them

The list of your participants and all your subscribers, as well as all their data, are in My invitations section then you should select Subscribers. Here will be collected all data obtained via:

  • signup forms and capture pages;
  • webinar registration fields;
  • subscribers, whose data you entered manually;
  • imported base of subscribers.


In Information you can see subscription status of each user.


Export of Subscribers’ Base

You can download subscribers list to a computer and work with it using other services or correct the data manually. For do this click on Export to CSV. In appeared window select the data you want to save and select the separate symbol.

Also, you can export not entire subscribers’ base but only its part according to your specified parameters. For this in Delete by filter tab check Filter and then select what you need. The download will start automatically after you click Save.

The file is saved as a CSV file with UTF-8 encoding. You can open it in Google Sheets application or Excel. Import of Subscribers’ Base

If you already have the base of emails, you can import them into MyOwnConference mailing system. For this you need to contact with technical support. In your message you need to provide: a list of subscribers in the CSV format, and screenshots that confirm usage of these data in another system.

Invitation of Participants

How to Create a Invitations mail out

You can spread the information about the webinar and provide the link to it using mailing. You can use third party mailing service or mailing of MyOwnConference. Hereunder you will find instructions on how to set up mailing of invitations.

You can also prepare a chain of messages so participants receive a reminder at a certain time before the webinar.

In Messages tab click on Add a new message. In appeared window enter the subject, date and sending time, as well as text of the message. For example, if your webinar is at 18.00, then set the sending time at 17.30. Then confirm your action by clicking Save button.


Sending Messages Before and After a Webinar

You can set mailing that will be linked to a specific webinar and will be sent at a certain time before and / or after the webinar according to the schedule.

To do this go to Webinars schedule and click on Add a new webinar to the webinars schedule or Schedule an event in control panel of Dashboard.

In Notifications tab select or create a new message. Specify sending time for each message. Select the option Send notification to all subscribers. Then click Add button.


If you select Send notification to all subscribers, the message will be sent to all previously registered subscribers in your database.


To create a new message, click on plus next to “select a message” field. In appeared window write the message subject, select language, enter the message and click Save.

You can edit the invitations you’ve created, delete, send subscribers or send a test message to your email in My invitations section, in Messages.

You should not limit the message only with a reminder about the beginning of the webinar and link to webinar room. Thus, it is possible to set up a chain of messages that can become the part of marketing strategy.


Additional Information

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