How to Make Money with Webinars


There are many articles online that teach how to earn with webinars. Unfortunately, some of them form a false impression that making money with webinars is easy. They claim that all you need is going live online and this is expected to bring floods of clients to you. Sure thing, this is far from reality. In order not to simply host webinars, but to earn money with webinars, you need to use special rules. We have outlined 8 rules that will be helpful in organizing and holding a really useful webinar that would bring you a lot of sales.

Rule 1. Prove you are a professional

People coming to your webinars can be divided into three groups:

1. Irregular attendees. These do not know anything about you and come to the webinar only because its topic got them caught.

2. Potential clients. They are people having already visited your free events, having downloaded you mini training or books.

3. Real clients. These embrace people that have already participated in your paid webinars.

On top of sales at the webinar, your main task is to earn the trust of the first and the second group of attendees. No matter how eloquent you are and how brilliant your achievements are, this will give a poor result. People prefer not what you are telling about yourself, but what others say about you.

How can you achieve this? Just ask them: “Is there anyone here who attended my paid programs before?” Upon positive answers, be sure to ask these people to share their impressions and results.

Rule 2. Deliver the promised value

Remember about the advertised values during the whole webinar. If people learn nothing from what they were promised, they will consider such webinar a waste of time. Moreover, they will feel deceived. No wonder this is not the best ground for creating a loyal attitude of the audience to you, is it?

If you fill your webinar page with sounding promises, be sure to fulfil them. People subscribed for the webinar while they get caught by the topic and want to get answers to the questions indicated in this topic. They need to have answers by the end of the webinar.

Rule 3. Less milk-and-water, more content

At the webinar, your goal is to present as much useful information during a short period of time as possible. Why is it so important? This is due to the fact that you will need to constantly retain the audience’s attention at the top level. Doing this during a boring three-hour-long lecture is simply impossible.

When working on the webinar plan, keep reviewing it critically and search for possibilities to remove excessive information without losing the point.

Rule 4. Retain attention

As a rule, attendees prefer to know whether webinar recording will be available, though there will hardly be anyone watching it. If you want to retain your audience, tell them no recording will be available! Tell them they need to stay at the webinar till the very end, as namely at the end there will be a special bonus for the most purposeful attendees.

It is important that the promised bonus should correspond to the category of your attendees. For instance, if the most part of the webinar attendees are your clients, they are obviously not interested in a recording of the training they have already completed.

Rule 5. Keep a dialogue, not a monologue

Do you know what any person is concerned about the most? It is the person itself! This is why you need to communicate with your audience at all stages of the webinar, to interact with it, to ask about the problems people have come with.

Even as simple a phrase as “Put plus marks if you hear me” is involving listeners into communication and does not allow them to get bored.

Be sure not to limit this to pluses only. Stir people, make them be active and they will be grateful to you for this. Think of possible exercises and practices to be held at the webinar beforehand.

You cannot see what your attendees are doing. But you can influence this by calling them to write down their wishes into the chat, tell what city they are from and how often they attend trainings…

Rule 6. Speak about the audience’s problems

When you speak about yourself, the audience is not interested in you. When you speak about the representatives of your audience, you become interesting for it immediately.

The best way to demonstrate you understand your attendees is to speak about their problems. Be ruthless when pushing their sensitive points and keep telling them about the sorrowful consequences that inactivity may lead to.

Rules 7. Use stories

A story is a powerful sales tool when used skillfully. Stories concentrate the attention of the attendees on your speech, make your presentation livelier and prove that what you are talking about is really producing results.

Why do stories work? This is due to the fact that every person listening to the story or reading it is identifying itself with the story’s hero. Thus, in practice, people experience the events as if they had already happened to them.

Using the right story, it is possible to increase sales from the webinars considerably and make your events even lighter and more interesting for perceiving.

Rule 8. Move to sales confidently

Your main goal is sales, no matter what other ones are. If you do not make sales, consider the time, money and efforts invested into the webinar simply lost in vain.

In order to hit the target, adhere to the following two recommendations:

  • Speak the language of your target audience, avoid using terminology and foreign words.
  • Be precise when making your offer. Explain what you offer, what problems it solves and what needs to be done in order to join your training (press the button, go to some webpage and do something).

Of course, there are many ways to make money with webinars. Just remember to choose right webinar service.

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