FAQ: Presenters and Moderators at Webinars

presenters at webinar

Holding a webinar turns to be much easier in case you have got a person to help you. It is usually called webinar “moderator”, “administrator” or “co-presenter”. Its main functions are solving technical and organizational issues at webinars.

MyOwnConference does not offer any division or separation between moderators and presenters: moderators can also start broadcasting, record it or supervise the chat. This is why you can add such helpers to your webinar using through My Presenters section of the dashboard.

1. Functions available to presenters (moderators) at MyOwnConference?

Presenters are able to speak at webinars, make records, moderate chats, share screens and demonstrate keynotes, or suspend webinars.

It is worth mentioning that invited presenters have got access to a webinar rooms only. The rooms belong to one account exclusively, i.e. to one person. Any other presenter does not have access to your account in any way.

2. Adding presenters to webinars

To do so, please proceed to your dashboard’s My Presenters section and press Add a New Presenter. After that, the presenter’s name to be displayed inside the webinar room during broadcasting shall be set. Username and password will be generated automatically, yet if you can change them if you want to. Other information that needs to be indicated is country and avatar (the picture, which is demonstrated instead of video).

Adding presenters to webinars

3. Inviting another presenter to a room

You can invite another user via e-mail. To do so, go to the dashboard and select My Presenters. The Send button is available right beside the presenter’s name as part of the string “You can send the user an invitation to become the webinar presenter”.

 Inviting another presenter
Link to entering webinar room can be sent to the presenter. For this purpose, locate the required presenter in the list and press the Copy Link button in the string “You can copy the link to invite a presenter to your webinar”.

4. What does “You can assign the record to presenter …” in Webinar Recordings mean?

By default, webinar recording is available exclusively to the presenter who created it. If “Visible for All” is selected, it will become visible to all presenters.

5. When proceeding to webinar room, the system came up with notification like “You cannot enter several webinars using the one browser”. What shall I do?

This notification means you have entered the webinar in another tab of your web browser. To get the possibility to enter webinar room, go to the dashboard and press Force Logout in My Presenters section.

Force Logout

6. Deleting presenters from MyOwnConference account

To delete a presenter from your account, in the My Presenters section select the presenter in question and press Delete Selected Presenters.

At webinars, moderators take care of organizational and technical matters and issues, thus allowing presenters concentrate on their keynotes. Invite moderators to your events, and contact us via Online Support in case you have any questions or issues.



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