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Participating in webinars using smartphones and tablets is possible directly from the web browser, with no additional app required. Listening to webinars, watching keynotes or communicating in a text chat is possible when commuting to work or in a business trip.

To participate in a webinar from a smartphone or a tablet, just connect your portable device to the Internet. We recommend using networks with the connectivity of 1MBps+.

How to log into the webinar?

Copy the link to the webinar room you have got from the webinar organizers and paste it into the web browser address field. Otherwise, simply click on the link and it will open in the mobile web browser automatically. After this, type your first name and last name. If a password is set, type it, too. The webinar organizers may request your email address or Skype login as well:


Logging into the webinar is possible using an account in one of the social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter or any other available one.

How to use?

After logging in, the attendee arrives to the webinar and becomes its full-fledged participant. One can see all modes enabled by the organizer. The modes may include webcam video broadcasting, audio broadcasting from the microphone, sharing presentations, the presenter’s screen, as well as graphics, video, chat etc.

It is worth noting that the mobile version reacts to the display position change (horizontal/vertical), which means it is possible to watch webinars in a comfortable manner.

How to enable the sound?

When an attendee is logging into the webinar room, by default the presenter’s video and audio broadcasting is paused. To enable it, simply click on the pause pictogram.


Additional menu

When the three lines pictogram is pressed, an additional menu will appear.

additional menu

In the popup window, the attendee will be able to use such functions as ask a question, change the language, or simply log out of the webinar room.

With mobile access to MyOwnConference, no one will be forced to miss any longer when no computer is available. If you have any questions regarding participation in webinars from portable devise, send us a message to

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