FAQ: Screen Sharing

screen sharing

Today we will try to answer the frequently asked questions about the screen sharing function. It is irreplaceable when it comes to telling webinar participants how to use certain software, for example. Your attendees will not only listen to the comments but also see what you do at their monitors. The webinar will turn into an illustrative one. In this article, you will find out the most common questions and answers about screen share.

How can I share my computer’s desktop?

To start with, download the screen-sharing add-on to your computer. It can be found in the webinar room and the dashboard.

Launch the downloaded file and install the add-on. After that, proceed to the webinar room and start screen sharing.


Do I need to install the screen-sharing add-on once or should it be downloaded every time?

Single-time installation is enough for the screen-sharing add-on unless you have antivirus software installed on your computer that would block launching applications downloaded from the Internet.

I have enabled the full-screen mode when sharing the screen. Yet, only a small window is seen on the monitor. How can I make it full screen?

Being the webinar presenter, you have access to all modules. This is why screen sharing is offered to you in a small window. Yet, all of you webinar attendees see your monitor in the full-screen mode.

I cannot install the screen-sharing app because of error “bind socket filed”. What’s wrong?

This means that the screen-sharing app has already been installed and started on your computer, while you try to install it once again. Enter the room and start the screen sharing button.

When demonstrating my screen, my presentation closes. Do I need to open it again after screen sharing is over?

Starting any mode implies the previous one is over. When screen demonstration is launched, the presentation is closed. To proceed with presentation demonstration, stop screen sharing and open your presentation.

Having more questions about screen sharing? Address our support team with them.


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