Webinar Room: Tricks at Choosing and Using

A webinar room, or in other words a conference room is a type of a webpage where webinar, an online conference or a meeting is held.

Usually, an online webinar room will consist of several components, namely:

1. Main window. It is intended for demonstration of the presentation broadcast by the person, which conducts the event.

2. List of people present in the webinar conference room. It will include both webinar users and moderators.

3. Text chat. This feature enables all participants present in the webinar conference room to communicate with one another.

4. Presenter’s video stream.

webinar room

Things to take notice of when choosing a webinar meeting room

1. Webinar meeting room capacity

At the beginning try to get a clear understanding of the number of people getting to visit your webinar. Based on the results  choose a webinar conference room with the appropriate number of seats available. Yet, sometimes not everything can be foreseen beforehand and some situations appear when you get the larger amount of expected visitors than the online webinar meeting room you have could host. Generally, in such cases, most webinar service providers offer a possibility to add the necessary amount of seats to the current capacity of the webinar room.

2. Online data storage size

Requirements of people towards a webinar service are generally different. Some of them would only need a video broadcasting and one keynote, and thus would be happy with a standard webinar meeting room. Others would prefer demonstrating several PowerPoint keynotes, images and videos. This is the case when the size of online data storage available should be considered at choosing a webinar conference room.

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3. Interface localization

A rule of thumb for a successful webinar would be making your visitors not feel any language barrier. That is why it would be a great idea to select the webinar service provider that would support several localizations for its service.

4. Test drive availability

It is much more convenient to test things you buy before you actually pay for them. Most webinar platforms are already to provide you with a test webinar conference room for free. This way you will have a chance to get a clearer insight into the service even before you start your webinar broadcast. On the contrary, if a demo version is not available for testing purposes, the whole thing could turn into a huge disappointment.

Working with a webinar room

The first step is selecting the webinar service provider. As a rule, most of them require pre-registration before you actually get access to its features. After you have passed the authorization procedures, you will be able to utilize the key features of an online webinar room, e.g. keynotes demonstration, screen sharing, broadcast recording, communicating by means of an in-built chat. You can check other functions available here.


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