Webinars as Online Marketing Tool

webinar as marketing instrument

Marketing offers numerous tools. Some of them are intended for attracting clients, while others target retaining them. Tools for sales facilitation and target audience analysis exist, too. Webinar is a tool helping to cope with the minimum of 7 marketing tasks.

webinar marketing


1. Learning more about the target audience

Webinars allow for analyzing the target audience in a more qualitative manner. During the broadcast, problems and needs of participants can be understood. This could result in creating more effective announcements.

2. Lead generation

Webinar participants submit their email addresses when registering for the webinar. They are concerned about the stated topic and are potentially interested in your offer. If a user does not attend the webinar, you still have its contact information available. This data could be used to e-mail marketing: tuning up the letter threads and emailing. 77% of companies treat webinars as a lead magnet.

3. Converting leads into clients

Webinars can be used for selling complex products. E.g., laptops are not necessarily easy to be sold through webinars, while online services and web development are easy to sell in that manner.

Webinars are worse than a personal meeting, but they are much more money saving. A series of sales webinars could be held for, let’s say, some 20 EUR per month (no labour cost included). Moreover, webinars stay maximum close to live communication. When potential clients see you in person, they are easier to be convinced to buy.

4. Standing out from competitors

While blogs are used by 80% of the online companies, webinars can be attributed only the figure of 5%. Regular webinars will help to stand out and differentiate from your competitors.

5. Getting trust in your company

Webinars with useful and quality content help forming the image of an expert that could be addressed for help. The audience gets a closer look at the company and its staff during webinars. This results into more trust in the company.

6. Improving content marketing

Holding webinars is a chance to diversify your content. They could work for you even after the broadcast is over. Upload the broadcast recording to YouTube and the keynote to SlideShare. This is sure to bring some inflow of new traffic.

7. Analyzing sales funnel

Webinars are measurable. Every single step of the funnel could be analyzed: registered for the webinar — attendees — potential clients — clients. These indexes can be comfortably checked using Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika.

To sum it up, webinar helps convert new contacts, communicate with existing and potential customers, build a strong position on the market. Add webinars to your marketing strategy!



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