7 Ideas How Nonprofits Can Use Webinars

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Webinars are online events that connect people from across the globe in a common digital space. They have a wide range of potential applications, but here we shall focus on how nonprofit organizations can benefit from their hosting.

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Gaining Volunteers

Volunteers can help you decrease operational costs and create a positive image of your organization. Webinars raise awareness but also breed passion, making it easier for you to recruit new advocates of your cause.

You can get hundreds of people to join your ranks in just one hour. That is because webinars enable you to add a personal touch to the stories you are trying to narrate. Through conversations with other volunteers, employees, and other guest speakers, people can understand your movement from within and get infected with their enthusiasm.

Recruiting Employees

Speaking about employees, via webinars, you can meet real professionals who may help your NGO move the cause forward. There are many talented people out there who would be happy to work for your nonprofit if only they were more aware of your goals and plans.

By conducting a webinar, you lift the veil of mystery over the movement. You can showcase the organization in the best possible light, thus, not only inspiring the experts to join but also helping them decide if it is the right fit for their talents, hopes, and aspirations.

Training Employees

Many nonprofits are global. They have offices in many different regions and countries, and it would simply be impossible to bring everyone under one roof quickly and cost-efficiently. This is where webinars come in handy. They allow organizations to train and update their international employees instantly and without much spending.

Needless to say that such efficiency makes the organization run smoother. When employees know their agenda and specific tasks, they are more motivated to work hard and deliver results. Webinars can provide exactly that: a quick and personalized sharing of information across different locations.

Nonprofits such as «Greencubator» have experienced firsthand the benefits of using webinars for training. They can testify that once you get a reliable webinar software platform MyOwnConference, everything always goes according to plan.

Updating Donors

Any nonprofit relies heavily on contributions from donors. That entails specific responsibilities, such as keeping your donors informed about your progress and funds’ allocation. What better way to relate that information than by hosting a webinar?

Webinars allow your donors to tune into the meeting from almost any part of the world without wasting time and money traveling to a specific venue. Moreover, you can use interactive presentations, charts, and diagrams to convey the information better.

As a bonus, you may broadcast from the place that was supposed to receive the investments, thus, proving that the work was done.

Quick Fundraising

Fundraising can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But not when you’ve mastered a webinar tool. Organizing an online event can help you explain the matter to your supporters in a personal manner and get money fast. This way, your nonprofit organization can get over emergencies quickly and successfully.

Forming Relationships

Webinars are much more intimate than blogs or social media posts. The visitors can see and hear the presenter, feel their emotions and, in doing so, get more attached to the cause. Nonprofits often run on non-commercial webinar platforms, which benefit the world at large rather than a single individual. Therefore, getting people to become personally invested in the movement is crucial to its success.

Once you build a solid supporter base, keeping in touch is a good idea. Webinars are a perfect opportunity to do it. Just organize a quick event every now and then to share exciting news, plans, and updates with your supporters. Put on a human face, and more people will follow you.

Telling Your Story

Webinars allow you to introduce, present and tell your nonprofit organization’s story. And stories are powerful. They engage the imagination, provoke emotions, and, most importantly, increase empathy. The latter is crucial when it comes to the popularity of your mission.

Do not stand aside. Use webinars to connect with people from all over the world and tell your story. Just find a reliable webinar platform and start sharing. Transparency adds legitimacy in today’s world, and you need that for your nonprofit to gain as much exposure as possible.

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