Choosing Webinar Date. What Is the Best Time for a Webinar?


Researches prove that webinars held on Mondays and Fridays are less visited than those held on other days of the week. Other polls state that attendance is low on Tuesdays. At MyOwnConference, we are sure that people will attend your webinar even on Friday night in case they see its point. Yet, having studied the researches we arrived at our own conclusions.

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How to Host Your First Webinar: Personal Experience

how to hold first webinar

Generally, we might know it is not very easy to start hosting webinars. All those doubts on whether your presentation will be of any interest to others, whether you can cope with the technical side of the process and so on are overcoming you. You constantly doubt the topic, too, and put off the moment X. These are exactly the apprehensions that our marketer is aware of. And today she is ready to present her vision on how to host your first webinar most effectively and remain calm to the maximum extent possible. Here are some of the preparation steps to hosting webinars she would like to share.

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