What Makes a Webinar Great? Best Practices

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Webinars are one of the key elements of modern business. With this tool, you may attract new clients, increase the profitability of your business or, on the contrary, lose your achievements. There are components at each stage that play a decisive role in the outcome of a webinar. So, let’s analyze what makes a webinar successful. What makes a webinar great?

Technical Aspects are Invisible but Essential

1. Excellent internet connection

Any interruptions spoil the overall impression. The audience should not be distracted by the poor and unstable connection.

2. Excellent sound and video

If the image is blurred or sound is not clear, your speakers are unable to deliver any information. Participants waste efforts to understand the speaker. In these terms, good webcam and headset constitute crucial elements of any successful webinar.

3. Appropriate webinar service

Services offer different quality and different collaboration tools. Choose the one that includes everything that is necessary for your particular webinar and ensures the highest quality.


1. Solid planning

Everything is clear: What? When? Why? The sequence is well-thought and logical.

2. Engaging presentation

Impressive and engaging presentation include the following:

  • One idea per slide. The secret is concentration. The effectiveness of the slide decreases if it contains more than one idea.
  • The range of colours and graphics help to deliver the information more effectively. 3 colours are enough to demonstrate an idea.
  • Location. The main idea is located in the central part. So, it is obvious even visually what the main concept is.
  • The contrast of the elements enhances the impression. The best presentations include elements of different sizes and styles.
  • Images. Visual perception plays an essential role in a presentation. So, the best webinar presentations include memorable images. You may use thousands of words and not reach the effect that you can reach by just one right image.

3. Dynamic presentation

To keep the audience’s attention, concentration and interest, the slides should be changed quickly. The drawback of online presentation is that it is harder to keep your listeners concentrated. That is why it should be more dynamic. If the slides follow each other quickly (one slide per 15-20 seconds) the audience doesn’t have even a little chance to get bored.


1. Engaging the audience

The best webinars include some activities where the audience may participate. That may be creating a project, answering some questions, elaborating different versions of development. That means: imagining, developing and sharing ideas. In this case, the listeners feel important for the webinar and project. Moreover, such activities keep their brains active and, therefore, more perceptive to the ideas of the webinar.

2. Humor

The best speakers make their audience laugh. Certainly, fun contributes to the better perception, makes the webinar positive and the listeners happy.

3. Self-confidence

The webinar may not be effective if the speaker is unconfident. Humans are willing to believe and follow only those who are leaders so that they are capable of leading masses. There is a global difference between the information delivered confidently or not.

4. Inspiration

People are more likely to believe someone who inspires and motivates them. If you provide precise instructions how to live, to organize business and to succeed you will be someone whom they believe without conditions. In other words, listeners are inspired by real stories of personal success.

Above all, The best speakers tell something about hardships, problems successfully overcome by them or by any well-known person. This is consonant with listeners’ lives.

It shows that everyone has a problem. Nothing comes for free, that it is necessary to make efforts, maybe work hard, overcome obstacles, and do your best in any activity to reach as better results, as possible.

Actually, inspiration and motivation do wonders with people. They need someone who convinces them that any problem can be solved, that they have everything for excellent results, that they have the power to do the best things in the world and, finally, that they deserve the best.

Some people build their business basing on fear. Maybe, that is effective to some extent. However, the best online events are inspirational and positive. In fact, this is a much more long-lasting attitude than demonstrating to others their inability to solve problems or make them feel worried.

The best webinars are held by speakers who are positive, confident, and honest. They inspire people. They show ways how to solve the problems. And only in this case they have long-term success. In addition, they enjoy their audience’s trust. Their sales are much higher and their businesses are much more popular.

To sum up, the best practices for holding webinars include several components. Only their complexity ensures a high level of effectiveness and leads to the achievement of particular goals.

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