Say goodbye to Flash! Important MyOwnConference update

Say goodbye to Flash! Important MyOwnConference update

Now MyOwnConference webinar service doesn’t require Adobe Flash Player! Neither presenters nor attendees need to install and set Flash for broadcasting or conferencing.

Screen share still requires the Adobe Flash Player. But we are working on that.

Our goal is to ensure the easiest and most comfortable use of the MyOwnConference service. Our attendees have long been participating in webinars without using the Flash or a mobile app installation – everything works directly in the browser. And now, the presenters don’t need to use the Flash either. It’s enough to press the Speak button and you immediately get online.

Advantages of the update:

  • No Adobe Flash settings are required before a webinar.
  • High-quality sound and image.
  • A minimum data transmission delay.
no flash no cry

But there is even more. The update allows the attendees and the presenters to speak at the webinar directly from a mobile device without installing any additional applications.

For the most comfortable conferencing with the help of the new technology, we recommend using the latest versions of the browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

So far, the update is available only for the new users.

What do you need to do now? Create a free account in MyOwnConference and evaluate all the advantages of not using the Adobe Flash technology.

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