The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

In recent years, with the rampant adoption of internet and accessibility to smartphones, better devices such as smartphones and laptops, the consumers in almost every industry and across various verticals are easier found online than any other medium. This has led to various avenues of marketing springing up left, right and center within the internet itself.

Be it the social media where people usually go for connecting with friends, family and even work acquaintances (Read: LinkedIn) or the e-mails where people spend most of the time at work. And let’snot get started about how many leads are just searching around and surfing across the internet. The internet is a goldmine for any marketer. Plain and Simple.

In this post, we are going to discuss Webinar Marketing. If done right, many marketers have shown that the sales generated with webinar marketing far better than even the most popular methods like blogs or social media.

For one, the leads generated by this technique are totally qualified. In social media or blogs, some users who might not even be interested in your products can easily stumble upon your site but the ones who come with webinar marketing are very likely to close. The high-ROI factor adds even more to the wonder of every marketer. Especially for the marketers who are trying sell products and build brands that involve costly and sensitive products like medical equipments and IT products. For example, GST software, printers, billing software or any POS/CRM solution that has an impact on the business.

So, what is a Webinar?

A webinar is essentially a seminar, which just happens to be from the internet, which can be attended by any number and type of people from the location and time of their convenience.

As you can see, every aspect of it is incredible. Seminars, we have been attending them to explore new things and to network for decades now. And since it’s on the internet, people are less likely to miss it as they don’t have to travel at all. Also, the audience can watch it again and again over a period of time. Win-Win from every angle.

NOW is the time to get started with Webinars. Here’s why!

Quality Leads

Webinars bring in an enormous amount of quality leads which are very likely to become a customer at one point. Some B2B, as well as B2C companies, have been known to be reaping benefits from webinars at a huge scale. And it’s about time that every marketer gets serious about webinar marketing. Driving engagement with the help of webinar marketing in even the other avenues is an amazing idea. Another aspect that makes webinar marketing a lucrative option is the fact that you’re telling people about your expertise without paying for advertisement. Even if a person in the audience isn’t going to buy directly from you, he is going to spread the word about your said expertise.

Real-time Feedback and Better Consumer Science

Webinar Marketing can be further leveraged to create a better sense as to what does the consumer thinks of yourself and the product that you’re offering. This will in-turn help your team to further improve the process of customer acquisition and maybe even try some new things with the webinar itself.

Create Brand Authority, Improve Brand Awareness and Credibility

It sounds ambitious, but the people who have done it must know. Brands don’t build with a few hundred dollars spent on ads and whatnot. Building a brand means growing an infant child to become a soccer player. Nurture it’s talent and character. The same thing goes for brands. For being known to be an expert in something, you have to prove what makes you right about things in a particular industry. And there’s no way possible to make your case than to show your acumen in the webinars.

So, this was all you needed to know about the holy grail of webinar marketing. Hope it was helpful. Feel free to let us know your suggestions and comments in the comment box.

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