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Video Marketing is the type of marketing you cannot ignore in this era. Below is a thought-provoking fact about online explainer videos.

Mastering Video Marketing

Video traffic

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You are leaving money on the table if you are not capitalizing on the insane demand for videos. Indeed, the need for online videos is steadily increasing, and so is the level of competition, with hours of videos uploaded on YouTube or our service to automate your webinars within a second.

You can create and publish many types of videos on various online platforms, and one of the most effective ones is an explainer video. Around 45% of the businesses already have an explainer video on their homepage, and they are satisfied with its return on investment.

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One of the ways to quickly stand out amid competition is by hiring some of the best explainer videos services to do the production job for you. However, there is also a way for you to create your explainer videos using a variety of software available online.

Three Key Hacks to Create Highly Effective Explainer Videos

Many tips are there to boost the quality of an explainer video, but in this section, I’m not here to give you some general suggestions. These are some critical things in general that will turn your ideas into a masterpiece if you integrate them correctly.

Here are the three essential elements that will enable you to create a professional explainer video that delivers results to your business.

1. Simple, Engaging and Motivating Script

A script is a decider when it comes to the performance of your explainer videos. You are explaining your stuff to non-specialists, so you should not try to use a wide range of vocabulary to make a concept difficult to grasp for them. Remember that an explainer video aims to break down the complex ideas into a simple and understandable form.

There is no point in beating around the bush when writing a script. You should try to shorten the length of your video, as there is a relation between a video length and the engagement rate.

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Get straight to the point with your video by inserting a hook, body, and conclusion. Do not try to do a lot of experiments with the script, making it sophisticated. Also, use copywriting techniques in your text. If you do not know about copywriting and have never written a script before, you should strongly consider taking help of professional scriptwriter.

2. A Professional Voice Over

Just imagine how would you feel if someone comes to you with no energy and ask you, “Are you willing to double your income within a few days?” The guy could be legit, but his words will no impact, even if he is making a legitimate claim because there is no energy in his pitch.

A professional voice over makes the script come to life. Not all voiceover actors can match the nature of your project and writing, so you must be careful about selecting the most appropriate person to do the job for you. It is essential to consider the gender of the voiceover actor as well, according to the nature of your video.

There is no need for you to spend tons of money on voiceover actors so that a small investment can make a lot of difference.

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3. The Position of Your Explainer Video on the Webpage

A final concluding element that significantly impacts your explainer video success is where you position your explainer video on your site or other platforms.

At first, you can promote it on your social media platforms where the visitors can watch it and take the desired action. Do not make your visitors work hard to find your explainer video. To avoid the searching part, make sure that you position your video in such a way that the people quickly see it once they land on your page.

Insert a visible “Play” button on it and then integrate a call to action on it. After all, you will not get any leads or sales if the users do not take action after watching the video. Although the message of the video may be visible, you must tell the users what to do next.

Over to You

By integrating the three essential hacks that I’ve mentioned will drastically enhance the quality and effectiveness of your explainer videos. Some of you might be wondering about the quality of animation. Well, the animation quality is essential, but it is not the deciding factor, which is the reason why I omitted it from the list.

However, you need to keep in mind that mastering the three critical elements of explainer videos will take some time. With that said, you will eventually get better with time if you keep on learning and sharpening your skills.

Are you implementing any one of the hacks that I listed in this article? Let us know about your experience.

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