Webinar Ad Hoc – the fastest way to start a meeting

Webinar ad hoc or quick webinar is a way to hold a webinar instantly, without scheduling. This webinar room has a consistent link – thanks to that, you can quickly and easily start an online meeting. 

If you want to start your webinar ad hoc, there’s no need to waste your time on scheduling and sending invitations. To do that, go to Calendar, and click Enter on the green header. 

start quick webinar

How to invite participants on webinar ad hoc?

To invite participants, you’ll need to copy a link that can be found in the web page address bar. You can then share it on your social media or send it in an email.

how to start a webinar right now

Keep in mind that our system doesn’t send invitations to participants on webinar ad hoc. 

When is it better to use a quick webinar?

The link to this kind of webinar is always the same. For example, if we use the webinar room to regularly hold business meetings in our company, there’s no need to send a link every time because it’s always the same. Webinar ad hoc is the best solution when you:

  • don’t have time to schedule a meeting and send links every time;
  • hold webinars for a consistent group of participants;
  • don’t feel the need to secure your webinar room with an individual URL each time;
  • test the opportunities of the webinar room;
  • hold a test webinar.

But! If you organize meetings for different groups, it’s better to use the feature of scheduling the meetings because there’s a possibility that there will be a participant that hasn’t been invited to your meeting. For example, someone that participated in meetings in an unplanned webinar.

You can secure or close the webinar room – you can read it at the end of this post.

How to add documents to webinar ad hoc?

Go to the webinar room. To add files, click Documents.


To add a presentation, choose Documents and click the button +.

webinar presentation

How to start a webinar?

To activate the camera and microphone, click the button Speak.

ad hoc webinar

Webinar ad hoc settings

There’s also a possibility to configure your webinar room. To do that, go back to the control panel and click Calendar and then Settings.

You can add the title and description of a webinar. Copy the link to a webinar and invite participants who are You can add the title and description of a webinar. Copy the link to a webinar and invite participants who are moderators. 

invite moderators

Click the button New moderator and choose a person from the list, click Save. 


This way, an invited person will immediately get the message with the invitation.

In Additional settings you can change the visuals. We can also customise recording settings or the login page. 

landing page settings

The webinar room of the webinar ad hoc is always active, so the participants will be able to enter it at any time.

How to close webinar ad hoc?

If you don’t want participants to enter the webinar room, we can enable landing page mode. 

To do that, go to Settings of the webinar ad hoc.

Click on Landing page mode.


Thanks to that, by clicking the link to the webinar, thanks to that, by clicking the link to the webinar, participants will enter the landing page. There you can add information on when the next webinar starts or use it to collect contacts.

You can read more about Landing page mode here.

If you want to make it quick, you can search for participants who registered on the landing page by adding them to an individual group.

You will then find them in the Attendees button.

How to organise a closed meeting in your quick webinar?

Even though the link to your webinar is always the same, you can hold the meetings with chosen participants, during which you won’t be disturbed.

To do that, go to settings and invite participants as moderators. Each of them will get a special link to attend.

There’s no information about the meeting time in this invitation so the moderator can go to the webinar room any time. When you choose the meeting time, you can change to the Landing page mode, and only moderators can enter the webinar room. For other participants, it will remain closed.

You can copy the webinar link or send an invitation again.

webinar link

How else can I use the quick webinar?

You can use it for other purposes.

  • For instance, you can use it to leave documents or videos to upload. Only moderators will be able to download opened documents and upload their own.
  • To launch a test. The participant will be able to enter at any time and solve a test.
  • The moderators can use it to communicate with students after classes.

The system automatically saves all the settings and landing pages of the unplanned webinar. So, next time you click Enter, you won’t have to customize everything, as we do when scheduling a new webinar.

P.S. You can create five rooms on your MyOwnConference account.