Webinars for People with Disabilities

Webinars for People with Disabilities

Webinars offer great opportunities for people with disabilities. They make it easier to study, work, hold online meetings, get extra income, and realize your potential. This article will share feedback from clients and participants of webinars, online seminars, and conferences.

A Simple Step Towards Inclusion

The Pros of Webinars


Inclusion is the process of involving people with disabilities in an active social life. So webinars are a simple step towards inclusion. For instance, a person with a disability can study and communicate with other people more easily via online seminars and video conferences.


You can host or participate in a webinar without leaving your home. This is especially important for cities that are not wheelchair accessible.

People with disabilities


You don’t need a specialized technical education to run a webinar. If you know how to use a computer or social networks, watch YouTube, or do online shopping, you’ll have no problem organizing a webinar.

Conducting a webinar may not be as easy as it looks initially, but you don’t need special technical skills to pull it off. A tech support team and numerous video tutorials will help you understand how the webinar service works.


It often doesn’t cost anything to participate in a webinar, nor is it pricey to host one. In other words, you just need a computer with internet access, a good headset, and webinar service.

You won’t spend much on webinar providers if your audience is not too big. For example, with a webinar provider MyOwnConference, you can host webinars for 20 people at no cost.


A webinar includes various elements: speech, text chat, presentation, screen sharing. This is convenient for people with disabilities.

For example, people who do not see well can listen to the webinar instead. People who are hard of hearing will find it easier to communicate via chat and get information from presentations.

How to Use Webinars

Webinars for Education

Online education can help you acquire new knowledge and even a new profession. Some universities issue diplomas and certificates for taking their classes online.

How does it work? You will have a schedule filled with webinars and lectures. The teacher will send you additional materials, textbooks, and videos. Above all, there will be intermediate tests and a final exam.

As you can see, the format is not much different from the traditional classroom experience, except you no longer need to commute. Here are more reasons to love distance education.

It is important to note that the quality of your online education will be just as good. For example, Alex had a musculoskeletal disorder, so it was easier for him to take a programming course online. Now he works at an international company as a freelancer.

“Learning was easy. I watched the webinars in the evening and did homework in the morning. So I could do all that without having to go anywhere, which was very important for me,” said Alex.

Webinars for Communication

People who are forced to spend a lot of time at home due to the limited accessibility often lack communication. Webinars can help make up for that.

For example, you may create support groups, talk to like-minded individuals, invite experts such as psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, lawyers, etc.

Parents of children with health disorders can benefit from webinars as well. This is where they can learn how to best care for their children and help them integrate into society during webinar.

webinar for parents

Some webinars teach about financial assistance from the government and various organizations. Thanks to such events, parents stay informed and feel less alone.

For example, webinars helped Olivia, Daniel’s mother, gain confidence that her child can go to an ordinary school despite the autism spectrum disorder.

Webinars for Income

Webinars are a great way to profit from sharing your knowledge. We’ve already talked about how to make money off e-learning.

After the accident, Oliver was worried that he wouldn’t be able to go to work anymore. But one day he saw a webinar on photography. Oliver was a photographer, so he decided to launch a similar event. Now he earns decent a income by teaching others to take and process pictures.


To sum up, webinars solve many problems for people with disabilities, especially those living in inaccessible cities. Thanks to online seminars and conferences, such people find it easier to communicate with others, work, study and, most importantly, feel happy and fulfilled.

MyOwnConference provides charity organizations with free webinar rooms. Contact us at support@myownconference.com for more information.

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