Webinars as a Tool for Brand Building

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Webinars are a fantastic marketing instrument if you want to create a brand based on value rather than traditional advertising. However, with an internet oversaturated with content, it is hard to stand out and reach your potential customer. We are here to help you in this challenging but worthwhile endeavor.

Webinars is a Best Modern Marketing Tool

Basic Definitions

A webinar is a meeting held online, often in real-time. It has a presenter delivering the information as well as participants who listen and ask questions in chat. Basically, a webinar is a kind of virtual classroom or boardroom. It depends on the purpose of your event.

Branding is basically marketing your name, or company’s name, logo or symbol to increase customer awareness and loyalty towards your product or proposition. Traditionally, branding goes hand in hand with advertising. However, with authenticity and transparency becoming more important, many companies have transformed their strategies.

In that regard, webinars offer an opportunity to be open and honest with your customers about your product/service and its value. They enable you to create a personal connection with your audience and answer their numerous questions in a direct and timely manner.

Who Can Use Webinars for Brand Building?

Webinars serve as a valuable tool for brand building, offering best benefits to individuals, companies, NGOs, and universities alike.

Building Your Brand with Webinars as an Individual

Even if you do not have a multimillion-dollar business in your pocket, you can still be a pretty successful entrepreneur with nothing but a good social media presence. Webinars as a type of video content can help you with that.

Did you know that 58% of marketers utilize webinars to inform about their services and spread their influence? According to a webinar coach Jon Schumacher, one can make thousands of dollars from just one webinar. He is just one of the innumerable examples.

No matter what your niche is, there are people interested in learning from you as a professional. You can utilize that to your advantage via free or paid webinars. With enough time and effort, you will be able to build a brand that will profit you or your company.

And even if your webinars do not turn out to be another entrepreneurial wonder, they can still help you stand out to potential recruiters and land a job in your dream company.

Building Your Brand with Webinars as a Company

HubSpot is perceived as a thought leader on the market because they provide revolutionary marketing software or organize well-reputed conferences such as Inbound. They share valuable knowledge, which is the most important currency in today’s information-based economy.

They talk about the importance of inbound marketing such as blogs, webinars, and e-books on their website, and how it helps them generate more quality leads. It is no wonder why they experience a steady revenue growth throughout the year.

Neil Patel Digital is another example of a successful company that heavily benefits from sharing quality content and webinars. He actually talks about his experience with creating and promoting webinars extensively on his website. Moreover, Neil offers many helpful tips both for beginners and seasoned webinar creators.

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Building Your Brand with Webinars as an NGO or University

Apart from making sure that teams worldwide are on the same page and earning an extra buck, NGOs can use webinars to build their brand. They can do so by explaining who they are and what they are doing, raising awareness about certain issues and increasing their credibility among the general public and investors.

Universities may utilize webinars to help students worldwide understand the application process, answer questions about the university, and help navigate the often-convoluted college websites. Such practices help universities create a more transparent and modern brand in the students’ eyes and, as a result, get more applicants the following year.

How to Use Webinars for Brand Building

These are the important milestones to cover if you want to use webinars successfully for brand building:

1) Planning
2) Content creation, promotion, and presentation
3) Follow-up

How to Plan a Webinar for Stronger Branding

✔️ Determine the webinar’s goal

First and foremost, you’ve got to think of your webinar’s goal. You should try and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think, if you were the customer, what questions about the product you would have, what issues you’d face and what features you’d want included.

If you deliver educational services, you should consider the most pertinent topics and the informational gaps in your field of expertise.

✔️ Formulate the topic

Try to be as succinct and precise as possible. This is not the time to show off your creativity. You would want to deliver a clear message as to what your webinar is going to cover. For example, instead of “Become a Webinar Ninja,” write “How to Use Webinars to Increase Conversions.”

It can sound somewhat boring. But at least your webinar participants will know exactly what they sign up for and are not disappointed with your brand.

✔️ Create an appealing banner

Creating a beautiful banner should not be an issue even if you are not a web designer, as there are lots of online tools available. The most important information to include is, of course, your name and credentials, the topic and the date of the webinar.

✔️ Choose a webinar platform

There are important selection criteria to consider when deciding upon a particular webinar platform. Since you are looking to build a brand, we only want to emphasize that it’s important to review the customization options a platform has to offer, such as color schemes, logo uploads, page editing, etc.

How to Create Webinar Content for Stronger Branding

✔️ Segment content into time blocks

When you prepare your presentation, it is important to break it into five parts: introduction, content, proposition, survey or Q&A and conclusion. An average webinar usually takes between an hour or an hour and 30 minutes, with 15-30 minutes reserved for polls, Q&As and goodbyes. You should segment your webinar into time blocks early, so that your brand doesn’t suffer from a poorly structured webinar.

✔️ Work on the transition between content and offers

This is a tricky part since many feel uncomfortable asking the customers to buy their product. Even if you are not one of those people, your sales pitch may still sound clunky and out of place if not scripted and rehearsed properly. It’s a good idea to ask for advice from your friends and colleagues, as this part can break or make your brand.

✔️ Include your logo, icon, banner everywhere

It may be tiresome, but it’s worth it. Branding is all about creating strong associations between the name, logo, image and your individual or company’s perceived high value. Webinars are a perfect platform for strengthening that connection: just think, your participants can literally have your logo in their peripheral vision for the entire hour.

✔️ Promote passionately and consistently

Neil Patel advises spending 20% writing and 80% promoting since this is the reality of the oversaturated content space we live in today. While that does sound a little extreme (after all, your brand will suffer if you deliver raw content), without promotion, even the freshest and most profound webinar won’t find its viewer. At least consider placing your banner on all social media platforms as well as relevant websites.

How to Do Webinar Follow-up to Cement Your Brand

✔️ Email before and after

It is crucial to stay in touch with webinar participants before, during, and after the webinar. Not only will it make your brand look people-oriented. But you are also more likely to make your name, image, or logo stick in people’s minds. Plus, the more you remind others of your webinar, the more likely they will show up — it’s that simple.

✔️ Offer prizes and discounts

Even a small discount may attract more customers and make your brand look generous. Just make sure to set the deadline for your proposition — create that simmering sense of urgency.

✔️ Save their emails for future events

Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve got to create numerous webinars to cement your brand in people’s minds, and always having a list of their emails at the ready will help.


There is no reason for you not to try building your brand with webinars. After all, there is little barrier to entry: webinars are extremely cheap and easy to create, and the payoff can be astounding. You won’t only make more sales but will also present yourself or your company as a thought leader in the global arena.

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