You’ve Held Your Webinar. 7 Ideas what to Do Next

do more after held a webinar with webinar software platform myownconference

So, you have just held your webinar. Your preparation has been great, and you have taken into account all tips and tricks; you were a super start during your presentation and the audience was astonished. Congrats! It looks like it’s high time to have some rest, yeah? No way!

What to Do Next to Held Webinar

If you logged out of the webinar room, it does not mean you finished working. To make your webinar 100% effective, you need to work a bit more. Sure, after the event you may have difficulties gathering your thoughts, and this is why I have prepared a list of to do’s with detailed description of what and when needs to be done after the webinar.

Step 1. Comprehensive review of webinar recording

Required: webinar recording, a notepad and a pen (text processor is possible if preferred), some self criticism and a bit of sense of humor to survive and loads of criticism.

I would suggest starting namely from analyzing the presentation. While your memories are still fresh, I believe it is not that difficult for you to name several fails and difficult moments you came across during the webinar. Write down all of those. After this, watch the recording with a clear mind. It’s not about watching it with a cup of coffee. Approach it as some work to be done. Just imagine you are a meeting attendee, or, which is even better, that you are a sharp nosed competitor and would do your best to find 100 drawbacks of that webinar.

Things to pay attention to:

  • Technical issues
  • Involvement of attendees
  • When attendees started leaving the webinar?
  • What percentage of attendees “survived” the webinar till its end?
  • Your speech
  • Unanswered questions
  • Time taken by each webinar block, things that can be shortened

Why would I need it? — Sure thing, this is all about becoming better. Discuss technical issues and ways of eliminating them with the technical support of your webinar platform. If this does not provide better results, it may be reasonable to have a closer look at other options, while there is a bunch of options to select from.

Step 2. Video preparation

Required: webinar recording, video editor, time. Decide on the video format: it could be a full version of your webinar (edited, of course) or a series of several short videos.

Things to pay attention to: Pauses, nose scratching and other fails. You might possibly be interested in reading our article Taking care of webinar recording

Why would I need it? — For the sake of video marketing. What it is and what webinars have to do with it can be learned in this article.

Step 3. Preparing a blog post

Required: a blog (one’s own or a guest one), a social network group. Slides from your webinar. Forget you cannot write — everyone can, it’s all about finding your own format. As you have just held your webinar, you have already got the major part of the text. To translate audio into text, you can use your web browser with voice dictation enabled on one of its tabs, let’s say it could be Google Docs, while the other tab plays the video recording.

Things to pay attention to: Literateand logical presentation. Special services could help you with grammar. Be sure to read aloud what you have written, otherwise ask someone do it, which is even better.

Why would I need it? — To keep the audience interested after the webinar and to attract new attendees.

blog post

Step 4. Analysis and mistakes correction

Required: all statistics available: Google Analytics, webinar platform and mailing statistics, your own notes, calculations of expenditures and income. Check all figures and compare them to your expectations, as well as the results of your previous webinars.

Things to pay attention to? — Where most registrations come from. The stage, at which potential attendees got lost. Emails that appeared to be most effective. Assessment of your webinar by its attendees (in case you had some surveys during your webinar), number of reviews and mentions in social networks, assessment of webinar profitability.

Why would I need it? — To select the best promotion channels and means; to learn how to retain your subscribers and achieve goals in a more efficient manner.

Google Analytics

Step 5. Mailing. Working on conversion

Required: email templates for different groups of users. Write at least 3 emails to those having participated in the webinar, those that has not come and those having become your client.

Things to pay attention to? — In the emails, address your attendees by their names. Send the first email within 24 hours after the webinar end. Try to launch a dialog, i.e. offer asking questions and add small surveys. Place CTA buttons.

email after webinar

Why would I need it? — It’s annoying when the webinar has taken a long time to prepare, and the conversion results are not that good. Sure thing, not all attendees are going to be converted to leads, but if certain steps are made the number of your clients may increase rapidly. Mailing campaign can become a great means of establishing your relations with future clients.

Step 6. Communication in social networks

Required: accounts in different social networks. Prepare posts and publish them regularly, otherwise setup delayed posting with the help of specialized services.

Things to pay attention to? — Add bright pictures to your posts to catch attention. Try making your users want commenting on the things you have published, i.e. ask questions, provoke, ask for their opinion and hold polls and contests — everything like mentioned in the steps for webinar promotion on Facebook.

Why would I need it? — Social networks are a great means for getting feedback, learning what your attendees really liked and what they would like to learn more. Moreover, with the help of likes and shares you can get new subscribers and attendees for your future webinars.

Step 7. Getting ready for the next webinar

Required: a pause to have some rest and find a great idea for the next webinar; all questions and remarks you have managed to collect; preparation plan, elaboration of an email campaign strategy and a promotion plan.

Things to pay attention to? — Check our blog, as in the Preparing Webinars we have collected numerous pieces of advice proven to be effective.

Why would I need it? — To enjoy holding webinars and to achieve your goals at the same time.

What to do after? Summary

You have already got the idea that after some good work it would be great to work a bit more:

  • Make a comprehensive review of the webinar recording;
  • Prepare a video;
  • Write an article for your blog;
  • Analyze everything and work on the mistakes made;
  • Organize an email campaign to increase conversion;
  • Continue after-event communication through social networks.
  • Get ready to the next webinar.

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