FAQ: Webinars on Mobiles and Tablets

webinar on mobile

MyOwnConference has its Android and iOS app so your attendee can watch webinars on tablets. Visitors will no longer have to miss webinars even if they are far from their computers. Participation in webcasts is now possible from any place with Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage. Connecting to an event, possibilities available through mobile app – these matters and much more are considered in this article.

1. Will a person be able to visit a webinar using its Android-powered device?

Yes. To do this, one would need to download a free application from Google Play at this link.
To participate in a webinar, the visitor needs to connect its smartphone or tablet to Wi-Fi or mobile data network. The required Internet connection speed is 1 Mbit/s.

2. How can I participate in a webinar using my iPhone or iPad?

Install free application MyOwnConference from App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

3. How to connect to a webinar using the mobile app?

  • Open the MyOwnConference app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Copy the webinar link you have received from the presenter.
  • Place it into the Link field inside the app.
  • Indicate the name.



4. Which functions are available to visitors through the mobile app?

Visitors can view presentations, listen to the broadcast, ask questions via chat and communication with other participants, as well as answer questions.

5. Can I enter the room as a presenter using the mobile app?

No, the app is developed for participants only.

Put your questions about using the MyOwnConference mobile app to online support or via email contact@myownconference.com.


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