Increase Sales at Webinars: Call to Action button

increase sales

MyOwnConference has released a new marketing tool called Call to Action, which is proven to work and is able to bring even better results to your webinars. Call to Action (CTA) is an element (e.g. a button, a banner or some text) that encourages users to perform certain actions: registering, buying, leaving an application etc.

Why using Call to Action button at webinars?

CTA is worth using at webinars to:

  • Attract the attention of attendees to your offer at some certain moment of the webinar;
  • Induce users attending your webinar to perform one or several target actions. For instance, leaving an order, applying for a paid course, or subscribe for a newsletter to name a few;
  • Considerably increase the effectiveness of your webinars

How to use CTA button?

Call to Action buttons are located right in your webinar room, in the Documents section, for you to set them up and launch right during the broadcast.

call to action
2 formats are available: a text announcement and a banner.

text ad

When working with the tool, the preview will be available in the right part of the screen.

preview ad

When CTA buttons are activated, users will see only the corresponding window with that call to action as active and visible. This allows drawing attention to your offer and brings extremely high percentage of clicks on the message.

call to action on webinar

If you prefer to make your offer even more noticeable, be sure to add a colorful banner to it.


To sum up, Call to Action buttons will allow you bringing your events to a new level. Check out how the CTAction button works and how you can apply them to your webinars. If you have any questions on this new tool, write us a message to or in an online chat at our website. Waiting for your questions and reviews. Wishing you successful webinars!

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