Webinar Branding: Importance and Benefits


What are webinars and why should you consider a webinar branding? The term webinar is short for web-based seminar. It is simply a live meeting that takes place over the internet. Webinars can take many different forms including presentations, workshops, or lectures which are conducted through the use of video conferencing software. Since branding entails having control over the way your customer perceives you, it is important to strategically create a brand experience in order to make your webinars serve your business objectives and convey your message in a compelling way.

A key feature which makes webinars attractive is the interactive element that you can incorporate into your webinar in real-time. You are able to share audio, documents and even applications with your attendees so that they can really engage with your brand.

Customer experience is always at the core of every successful branding undertaking. Aside from the graphic elements, you also need to think about what keeps audiences engaged. This could be humour, suspense or mystery and you should find ways of incorporating these elements in your webinar branding strategy.

Branding your webinar in a unique and innovative way can guarantee:

  • higher registration conversions;
  • captivating experiences for your audiences;
  • greater engagement and increased stick rates; and
  • increased conversions and even higher sales.

A good way to gauge if your branded webinar will give reap the rewards you hope for is to test it out before going live.

The importance of branding your webinars

The success of your webinar relies on how captivating your delivery is. Passion is a building block for creating a powerful brand so if you want to make a lasting impression with your message then you ought to consider branding your webinar. All this requires a level of attention to detail so that your message is delivered in an authentic way which will resonate with your audience.

Personalizing every aspect of your webinar through branding is a non-evasive and effective way to sell your product, service, or simply communicate your intentions in a subtle way which will be welcomed by your audience instead of going for the more aggressive approach. Remember, it is always better to show that to tell. Branding appropriately allows your webinar attendees to connect with your message through experience so all the details regarding brand placement throughout your webinar should be carefully considered.

On the average webinar, audiences can view a webinar for up to an hour if the content is really engaging which is why it is so crucial to brand your webinar in order to increase engagement. Think about it, the average advertisement usually runs for about 30 seconds and often there’s no guarantee that your message and brand can leave the desired impression in that short amount of time unless you really have an awesome and memorable story that you can effectively tell within that narrow window. So by hosting a webinar, you have more tools at your disposal to strategically implant your branding messages at the right moments in your lecture or presentation. A wonderful webinar design can boost content retention and enhance the audience experience which makes your message memorable to create a lasting effect and almost guarantee that whatever your call-to-action is, there will be a greater probability that it will convert.

The benefits of webinar branding

If you want to transmit and share information in a way that is efficient, does not involve logistics, and is cost-effective the branded webinars are definitely the way to go. As a webinar host, you are able to speak directly to your audience, use slideshows or demonstrations, and even invite guests in different geographical locations from you to participate by co-hosting your webinar which also presents opportunities to co-brand your webinar. The great thing about webinars is that you’re able to interact with your audiences and invite them to join in your presentation by incorporating Q&A sessions in your webinar.

These days many professionals use educational or business related branded webinars to connect with their audiences in an intimate way. Some people use webinar branding a method to educate others or as a promotional tool to complement their message. The live aspect of webinars also facilitates the engagement of small or large groups of people who have mutual interests based on a product, service, or other type kinds of an offering. Webinars tend to offer audiences the opportunity to learn directly from experts.
The secret to having a compelling webinar is to know how to brand it.

How to brand your webinar

Webinar branding consists of two main features:

  • a branded banner and logo which you can attach to the registration process and also use to customize the emails you send out to the attendees of the webinar; and
  • branded materials such as slides, screens, boards, backgrounds, gear, or other items you will be using during the course of your webinar broadcast to reinforce your messages.

Taking your marketing or promotional strategy to the next level through the use of webinars requires that they are branded. Incorporating marketing tools and techniques into your webinar is the best way to get some brand recognition. Non-branded webinars tend to make less of an impact on an audience that those which are branded.

Although having a branded logo or watermark on your webinar presentation slides is a good way to leave impressions on the viewers’ minds, it is even more important to ensure that your brand is actually indicative of the message, company, product, or service. This means that the values that your brand represents should be conveyed in your brand colours, fonts, images, animations, and so forth. You have to think about whether your branding conveys your message effectively by incorporating the elements which truly bring your vision and message to life. If your branded webinar does not stand out and is not unique then chances are it will not be as effective as it otherwise would be if all those elements are well thought out.

Most webinar software tools allow you to create a new look for your webinar so that it doesn’t feel or look generic. Often you’ll be able to customize the webinar and add your brand elements by uploading images, logos, animations, and incorporating customized design features.

Other properties that you can customize include:

  • cover images which you can use on emails and the registration page;
  • company logos which will also appear on your emails and page; and
  • colour schemes you can add to your backgrounds and headers.

MyOwnConference allows:

  • page customization access;
  • adjustments to time, language, and dates;
  • audio option settings;
  • logo upload which can help increase attendee response rates;
  • custom imagery uploads;
  • introductory or welcome message setting; and
  • attendee listing.

Webinars can be a lot of fun for the hosts and those attending and making sure that your webinar is branded is an excellent way to captivate your audiences but also to promote your message, product or service in an exciting and impactful way. The great thing about webinar branding is that it is not costly and it actually can really benefit your cause in a tremendous way.

Next time you’re thinking of hosting a webinar think about what you can do to enhance the experience through webinar branding and you can use some of the tips covered here to help your audiences truly engage and interact with you so that your message can stick and you can reap real rewards from your creative initiatives. Webinar branding is the best way to give your audiences insight into your product or service and it’s a great way to call inspire them to act upon your desired goals the benefit of your business and your webinar attendees. The results will show how much engagement you’re able to garner through your call-to-actions because that’s the only sure way to measure the success of your webinar branding efforts.

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