What are automated webinars?

Precise control over webinar scheduling

Nowadays, more and more things are moving online, including schools and businesses. This article will focus on automated webinars using the MyOwnConference platform. Let’s explore how they make it easier to organize online events, increasing their effectiveness.

Automate Your Webinars Seamlessly

The automated webinar (aka autowebinar) is a technology that makes it possible to conduct webinars automatically in real-time without the participation of a live presenter. This technology is ideal for various purposes, from education to marketing. It offers convenient features for interacting with your audience, including chats and integrated sales buttons (CTAs).

Basics of working with automated webinars

Automated webinars support educational and business processes, freeing up time for organizers to develop new projects. This format holds the audience’s attention with pre-prepared content, encouraging continued interest in products or services.

How do autowebinars work?

Organizing autowebinars on our platform begins with video preparation. Which may include selecting and processing an external video file or creating and editing a recording directly on our platform. After preparing your video content, set up your webinar room and determine the broadcast time. Send invitations to participants, and your webinar will automatically launch at the designated time according to your pre-set schedule.

You can schedule an autowebinar on our platform by clicking on the “Scheduled webinars” item.

Webinars on autopilot

Such a system allows you to effectively manage both single events and entire series of webinars. Ensuring stable interaction with the audience, despite differences in time zones.


Setting up a webinar room on MyOwnConference is a key step in preparing for an autowebinar. This includes choosing a room design, setting up audio and video, and defining login options for participants. Such as access via named or shared links, paid entry, and entry start times.

Convenient, on-demand webinar

To adjust how your autowebinar runs, find the appropriate section rather than the presenter settings. Since it occurs automatically and does not require their participation in real time.

Event design customization

In the advanced webinar room settings, users can fully customize the design of their event. This includes adding your own logo, integrating banners to highlight important information or advertising. And customizing room color and text design. In addition, to ensure the best experience on different devices, there is a preview function. It allows you to check how the event will look on different screens and platforms. These features create a unique atmosphere that matches your corporate identity or webinar theme. And provides a professional and attractive appearance.

General settings

Mechanisms for inviting participants and interacting with them

You can also find advanced tools for inviting participants and managing webinar presenters in the webinar room. To adjust how your autowebinar runs, find the appropriate section rather than the presenter settings.

E-mail settings

After registering for the event, participants immediately receive a confirmation email. An hour before the start, we send a helpful reminder. We also automatically notify those who join the webinar late. Finally, an hour after the webinar ends, participants receive a follow-up email.

This automated distribution method simplifies the member management process, ensuring timely information and maintaining audience engagement. In addition, when planning an autowebinar, by clicking on the “Invite presenters” button, the organizer can appoint an administrator or moderator to manage the event.

Add moderators to the webinar

This allows you to more flexibly manage the webinar process, distributing tasks across key aspects of the event. Such as chat management, coordinating questions from participants and/or technical support.

Integration of chat history and webinar recording

At MyOwnConference, organizers of the automated webinars can upload webinar recordings and MP4 videos by clicking the “Add Media” button or choosing videos from YouTube or Vimeo platforms. The length of the uploaded recording sets the duration of the automated webinar.

Add media to the online event

We provide a chat upload function within each webinar’s statistics. This allows you to easily import previous chat history in .CSV or .XLSX formats using the “Add Messages” option.

Add messages for your virtual attendees

In addition, by clicking on the “Invite participants” button, organizers can prepare in advance or import a ready-made list of participants in CSV and XLSX formats.

Invite attendees to the webinar

This makes integrating content and communication from past events easy, creating an atmosphere of live participation. This approach increases engagement and interaction in new webinars. The attendee list preload feature is especially valuable for events with large audiences, making them easier to organize and manage.

Delayed sending of messages

Our webinar rooms offer the ability to schedule automatic messages from various participants at specific times during the event.

By clicking on the “Add messages” button, the organizer can configure the type of bot that will send this message — participant or moderator. Select the name of the bot, set the time for sending the message, and select the sender’s region and the text of the message.

Add messages for the virtual bots

This way, you can simulate a live discussion by asking questions or comments on behalf of participants at key points in the presentation. This not only increases audience engagement but also helps create the atmosphere of a real event, making the autowebinar more attractive and effective for participants.

Functions for adding bots when preparing an autowebinar

In the process of preparing an autowebinar on MyOwnConference, one of the available functions is the addition of virtual participants — bots.

Organizers can create profiles with individual names and region information by clicking on the “Add Bots” button.

Add bots as virtual attendees

This helps visually increase the number of participants, giving the webinar room a more lively appearance.

Setting up and using CTA (Call-to-Action) during an autowebinar

When planning automated webinars, organizers can strategically pre-set Call-to-Action (CTA) elements. This allows you to seamlessly integrate powerful CTAs throughout the event. Use pre-designed banners or text notifications to encourage viewers to take specific actions.

Add CTA to the autowebinar

This feature allows organizers to precisely schedule when CTAs will appear at the most important moments of the presentation. For example, to attract participants to register for a follow-up event, sign up for a newsletter, or navigate to a website. This improves interaction with the audience and helps increase conversions, making the autowebinar more effective and targeted.

Tariffs and features

The MyOwnConference platform includes automated webinars across all plans. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Free Plan — You can run one active autowebinar at a time. Complete or delete it before starting a new one. You’re also limited to 20 participants and 500 MB for uploaded materials. This is perfect for repurposing recordings of past events.
  2. Paid Plans — Enjoy unlimited autowebinars on our paid plans!

Management and moderation

Managing an autowebinar includes not only preparing and launching the event itself but also monitoring its progress.

To effectively manage a self-hosted webinar, start by meticulously planning your content and broadcast timing. For success, your self-hosted webinar should feel like a live conversation, even with pre-recorded content. Achieve this with precise timing and interactive elements like Q&A sessions, polls, and discussions. Integrate these features directly into your autowebinar.

Roles of event participants

Organizer: Typically involved in preparing and recording content. Presenters: They are key players in hosting webinars but need access to creating events. Presenters have three types of rights:

  • Administrator – Have broad authority to manage the webinar, including technical aspects and content management.
  • Moderator – Their role is almost the same as that of an administrator, including maintaining order and managing chat discussions.
  • Guest presenter – They have limited capabilities, mainly related to participation in the webinar but not managing it.

Possibilities for managing and intervening in the autowebinar process

The moderator plays an important role in managing the autowebinar process effectively. He monitors the progress of the event by monitoring participants’ interaction and maintaining order in the chat. The moderator actively responds to participant requests and comments. Facilitating a smooth discussion and improving the overall dynamics of the webinar. His duties also include promptly informing the technical team about emerging problems ensuring effective resolution of issues in real time.

Application in various fields

As we discussed earlier, this technology enables effective information dissemination and interaction with audiences in various fields, be it education or business. Due to its ability to deliver pre-prepared content to a wide range of recipients.

Use in education and business

Automated webinars help overcome geographic and time barriers in the educational field by giving students access to learning materials during scheduled events. This is especially important for distance learning.

In business, autowebinars power training sessions, product presentations, and marketing events. Companies leverage them to reach larger audiences and boost customer engagement.

Planning and creating an automated webinar series

Planning a series of automated webinars on our platform is a strategic process that includes constantly developing a chain of events to attract an audience. One of the key advantages is that while the chain of automated webinars is ongoing, the organizers can develop the next events without losing the audience. This ensures continuous interaction with participants and keeps them engaged.

How to conduct an autowebinar with maximum audience involvement

To captivate your audience, prioritize clear, structured content that directly addresses their questions and needs. Craft a logical presentation with examples and case studies to illustrate your points. For polls and tests, remember to log in as an additional presenter and start them manually during the webinar.

Organizing surveys and interacting with audiences

Polls in automated webinars play a key role in providing valuable data to organizers. These tools allow you to effectively assess your audience’s understanding of material and gather opinions on various topics. Their use brings dynamics to events, making them more useful for both participants and organizers.

Disadvantages of autowebinars

Despite the many benefits of autowebinars, they face a number of limitations:

  • Lack of direct, real interaction between presenters and participants.
  • Limit to pre-recorded content and prepared questions and answers instead of live webinars where interaction occurs in real-time.
  • Reduced participant engagement and limited discussion depth due to these restrictions.

There is a need to consider these limitations when planning and striving to use available interactive tools effectively.


In conclusion, autowebinars on our webinar platform are an effective tool for audience engagement, combining flexibility, convenience and personalization. They enable the creation of unique events to suit different needs and are becoming a key element for education and business.


What are autowebinars?

Drive-in webinars offer convenience and flexibility. They’re pre-recorded online events that air at a specific time, giving audiences the experience of a live broadcast. Organizers can easily present their content without needing a live presenter, while viewers enjoy the option to watch on their own schedule.

How do autowebinars help you save time and resources?

Autowebinars can significantly save time and resources since organizers do not need to hold the event live every time. This is especially effective for regular training or courses where the same material can be used repeatedly.

Can I interact with the audience during a live webinar?

Interaction with the audience during an auto-webinar is possible by pre-configuring content that will be played in real-time. You can set up a slide show with important information, prepare videos that answer frequently asked questions, or direct participants to your website for follow-up at the end of the webinar.

Why is it worth using auto-webinars on the MyOwnConference platform?

MyOwnConference offers a convenient and intuitive interface for creating and conducting auto-webinars. The platform provides high-quality broadcasts, a wide range of tools for interacting with the audience, and analytics capabilities. This makes MyOwnConference an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes looking to get the most out of autowebinars for education and business.

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