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What is the duration of the free plan?
Our free plan has no time limits. It's free, and you can use it indefinitely without restrictions or expiration.
What are the limitations of the free plan?
Our free plan is an excellent option for personal, non-commercial use, featuring a range of high-quality capabilities to help you effectively manage your webinars.

— Dual Webcam Support: Conduct your webinars using two simultaneously, allowing participants to see different presenters or viewpoints.
— Up to 20 Webinar Attendees: You can invite and host up to 20 attendees in your webinar room simultaneously.
— 20-Minute Recordings: Record your webinars in either 480p or 720p quality for up to 20 minutes each.
— 1 GB Storage: Store up to 1 GB of files related to your webinars.

Please note:
— Presenter webcams will have our logo.
— This plan does not offer options for sharing recorded webinar links and white-label branding modifications.
What's the duration of our paid plans?
We offer three paid plans—daily, monthly, and yearly—to accommodate your specific needs.

Our daily plan is active for 24 hours starting from the time of payment. Purchasing a daily plan in advance activates at 12:01 AM on your chosen date and expires at 11:59 PM the same day.

The monthly plan lasts 30 days from the date of payment. Opting for a yearly plan provides 365 days of access starting from the payment date.

Select the plan that best fits your needs and enjoy uninterrupted access to all our premium features.
What payment methods are available?
We offer various convenient payment options to access our premium plans easily. You can pay using a credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or Paysera, which supports WebMoney, Visa, and MasterCard. We also accept various cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

To use a bank transfer, visit your profile section and activate the "Use company details" option. Enter your payment information, navigate to the payment section, select your plan, click "Buy now," and choose "Wire transfer." You will receive complete instructions on where to send your payment, including all necessary account details and a transaction reference number.

Please note that bank transfers may take 3-7 business days to process and activate your account. For quicker access, consider using one of our other payment methods.

Remember, bank transfers are not available for one-day plans. For these, please use a credit card or PayPal.
Do you offer reduced rates for paid plans?
Sure! We offer attractive discounts on our paid packages when you pay upfront. For example, paying two months in advance gives you a 5% discount off the standard monthly rate. Pay for three months at once and receive a 10% discount, or pay for six months upfront and get 15% off. If you pay for an entire year in advance, you'll receive a substantial 20% discount. These great deals allow you to enjoy all our premium features while saving money.
How to increase the capacity of your webinar while it's in progress?
If you need to add more attendees during your event, it's easy. Just click the "Menu" button in the top right corner of your webinar room and choose "Buy additional seats." This option lets you instantly purchase 100 seats, which will be available for the next 5 hours.

Keep in mind that if you're using the free plan, purchasing additional seats will not extend your recording time.

This feature is handy if you need to accommodate a larger live audience during your webinar.
Are there restrictions on the number of webinars I can conduct?
You will be pleased to learn that our platform allows you to host several webinars. Whether on our free plan or a premium subscription, you can run as many webinars as you want without any restrictions. This flexibility allows you to host unlimited events for personal or business purposes.
How does the +100 feature work?
Whenever you need to quickly increase your webinar seating capacity, our +100 feature is ready to help. With a straightforward purchase, you can add 100 seats to your webinar room. Your event room capacity will expand instantly once your payment is processed.

Please remember that this increase applies only to the specific webinar for which you purchase the feature and is valid for five hours. If multiple webinars require additional seats, you must purchase the +100 feature for each.

You also have the option to upgrade your plan by paying the difference or selecting a one-day plan designed for more significant events.

The best part is that you don't need to pause or restart your webinar after buying the feature. You can keep your online meeting or discussion going smoothly.
Can I pay in cryptocurrency?
We're pleased to inform you that we accept several cryptocurrencies as payment methods, including BTC, ETH, and USDT. The exchange rate at the time of your transaction will apply. If you need a specific payment address for your chosen cryptocurrency, don't hesitate to contact our online support team.
Do you offer plans with multiple webinar rooms?
Absolutely! All our pricing plans offer the convenience of creating unlimited instant meeting rooms, each with its own permanent URL. You can schedule as many events as you need, allowing you to run multiple webinars simultaneously without any restrictions.
Is there a limit on how many participants I can add and invite?
Absolutely! You can add as many participants as you like to your contact list. However, you can send out invitations to up to five times the participant capacity of your selected package for a single webinar. For instance, if you choose a paid plan that allows 150 participants, you can invite up to 750 participants to a single webinar (5 x 150). Remember that the number of participants who register for the event will not affect your invitation quota.
What is the typical latency when conducting webinars?
If presenters use web browsers that support Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology, there will be less than a one-second delay between them. However, attendees might notice a 1 to 10-second delay when watching and listening to the presentation. To improve your webinar experience, we recommend using our secure broadcasting technology. Download and install our software to significantly reduce latency, provided you have a stable internet connection.
How well is my data protected?
Your data security is our top priority. We use the latest technology to keep your information safe and secure. Whether it's presentations, videos, files, or even video and audio streams, everything is protected with AES-128 encryption and SSL certificates. This level of safety ensures your privacy and security at all times.
What factors affect my webinar's broadcast quality?
Several factors influence the broadcast quality of your webinar, with internet connection speed playing a pivotal role.

Our platform features adaptive video quality, automatically adjusting your webcam streaming quality based on your internet speed.

Typically, a faster internet connection results in better broadcast quality. We recommend a minimum internet speed of 4 — 5 Mbps for webinars with a single presenter.

You can check your connection speed and quality using the tool provided in our webinar room and on your account page.

It's important to note that if multiple attendees use the same IP address and internet connection, the bandwidth will be shared, which could affect the streaming quality.

We suggest ensuring an internet speed of 50 Mbps or higher for corporate events to maintain excellent audio and video quality.
What types of files can I integrate into my webinar?
When you host a live event, you can upload and share various file types with your attendees. Our system supports multiple presentation formats, including PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx), PDFs, OpenDocument presentations (.odp), and images (.png, .jpg, and even animated .gif). You can also share video content (.mp4) and audio tracks (.mp3), enhancing your webinar's dynamic and interactive nature. Additionally, you can play audio files alongside the presentation slides during the virtual meetings and events, creating a more engaging experience for your audience.
What's the duration for storing materials in the account?
When your account expires, access to your stored files will be restricted. But don't worry! You can restore full access to your files and event recordings by renewing your subscription within 180 days of expiration.
What's the duration for storing the webinar recordings?
Your webinar recordings are stored permanently as long as your pricing plan includes sufficient storage. You can download and share these recordings with your audience at your convenience, even after the live event. This flexibility allows attendees to access your event content and presentations on their own schedule, turning them into valuable resources that can enhance audience engagement and generate leads over time.
How do I record a webinar?
To record a webinar, click the "Record" button during the live meeting. Any webinar moderator can start or stop the recording. After stopping it, the recording will be saved to the cloud and downloaded in MP4 format (video — H.264, audio — AAC) from the control panel or webinar room.
How do I upload a Keynote presentation?
To upload a keynote or another type of presentation, start by logging into your webinar room. Next, navigating to the "Documents" section and selecting the "Presentations" option is essential. Click the "Upload" button and choose the file you wish to upload. A pop-up window will then appear for you to select your file.

Please note: We support the following presentation formats: .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .odp, and .png.
How do I invite attendees without using your invitation service?
You can invite attendees to your webinars without using our standard invitations.

For an open webinar, simply set up the event and copy the link from the "Links" section. You can then share this link on your website, social media platforms, or through messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Telegram.

Add their names to the "Attendees" section in your account for a private webinar with specific attendees. Schedule your webinar, generate individual login links for each attendee, and send these links directly via email or chat apps.

Please note: You can invite attendees to the same event whether they have provided email addresses or not. Those with email addresses will receive automatic invitations from us, while you will need to send the links to those without email addresses manually.
What's the biggest file I can upload?
You can upload presentations up to 250 MB in size and a maximum of 250 slides. For video files, the limit is 1 GB.
Can I host a webinar using my tablet or smartphone?
You can host a webinar directly from your tablet or smartphone — no need to install any additional apps or software. Use your device's built-in web browser and navigate to the webinar platform. For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. This flexibility allows you to conduct webinars on the go, provided you have a reliable internet connection.
How do I join a webinar from my mobile device as an attendee?
Just follow these simple steps to join the webinar:

1. Locate the invitation link sent by the webinar organizers.
2. Open your mobile web browser.
3. Enter or paste the invitation link into the browser's address bar.
4. When prompted, enter your name and tap "Join" to access the webinar.
5. It's that easy! You don't need to install any additional apps or software.

We recommend using the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your mobile device for the best experience.
What can attendees do on their mobile devices during a webinar?
When attendees join a webinar on their mobile devices, they gain access to various features. These include listening to and watching the broadcast, engaging in live chat, reviewing past comments, watching shared videos, viewing presentations, and seeing the host's screen shares.
What's the best browser to use when hosting a webinar from an iPhone or iPad?
If you're hosting a webinar from your iPhone or iPad, using the Safari browser is best. Safari fully supports WebRTC technology, ensuring a smooth webinar experience. Due to Apple's restrictions, other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge require review add-ons, which can occasionally cause compatibility issues with our platform. For the most reliable performance, we recommend sticking with Safari.
Why is my webinar recording missing the presenter's webcam?
If your webinar recording lacks the presenter's webcam, it could be due to a weak internet connection during the live event. The webcam video might have been omitted to ensure high-quality recordings. We recommend that presenters maintain a strong and stable internet connection for future webinars throughout the event.
My microphone and webcam aren't working. What should I do?
Don't worry! Start by allowing your browser to access your microphone and webcam. When you join the webinar, a permission request will pop up at the top of your screen. Just click "Allow" to grant access.

If your microphone and webcam aren't working after you've granted permission, ensure they are correctly connected and switched on.

If everything is connected correctly but still has issues, refresh your webpage or restart your browser. If that doesn't resolve the problem, consider using a different browser or device.
Why are my webcam and/or microphone blocked?
Our webinar platform runs entirely within your browser and does not directly access your webcam and microphone. If your browser can't detect these devices, they may be used by another application, like a messaging or video call app. If this happens, your browser cannot connect to your webcam or microphone. Often, restarting your browser or computer can fix this issue. If the problem persists, please get in touch with our technical support team. We're always here to help you troubleshoot and resolve any problems.
What if there's an echo on the webinar?
If you are experiencing an echo during a webinar, try using the same browser, like Google Chrome, across all presenters and wearing headphones or a headset to reduce the echo and improve audio quality. If these steps don't resolve the issue, please get in touch with our technical support team for further assistance.
What should I do if the webinar isn't working?
If you or your attendees encounter issues with our platform, don't worry — we're here to help. Our platform is designed to function seamlessly across all devices and browsers, and we regularly test it on the latest operating systems and browsers. However, there may be occasions when things don't go as planned, such as if your browser lacks HTML5/JavaScript support or if you have specific extensions like Adblock, uBlock, uMatrix, or NoScript installed.
What if webinar attendees complain about the picture freezing or no sound?
The success of your live webinar or virtual meeting largely depends on the quality of your internet connection. Our platform uses adaptive stream buffering technology to ensure video quality is maintained 99% of the time, helping to prevent issues like freezing images or sound loss, which are often signs of poor internet quality. However, this technology might cause a broadcast delay of up to 10 seconds, depending on the connection quality. Rest assured, the audio will always be synchronized with the video. To improve your live webinar experience, consider restarting your Wi-Fi router before the event to address connectivity issues. If problems continue, participants might try switching to a mobile internet connection or a different device. Closing unnecessary browser tabs and programs and pausing ongoing downloads can boost computer performance and enhance the live event.
What if I can't enable WebRTC?
If you're having trouble enabling WebRTC in your web browser, identifying the plugin that might be blocking this technology can be difficult. As a solution, we provide an alternative within the webinar room itself. Just download and install our secure broadcasting software on your computer to easily bypass the issue.
What should I do if a file won't upload?
If you encounter an error while uploading a file, you should check several things. First, confirm that you're uploading the file to the correct section of your event room; for instance, videos cannot be uploaded to the presentation section.

If you're uploading a presentation that fails, ensure the file format is compatible with our platform. We support formats like .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .odp, .png, .jpg, and .gif. For audio and video files, we accept only .mp3 and .mp4 formats.

If you're still facing issues with uploading, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated technical support. We're here to help you resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.
My presentation slides aren't showing up. What should I do?
If your presentation slides are not displaying properly, there could be several reasons. Therefore, ensure that your presentation file size and number of slides comply with our platform's limits. We allow up to a 200 MB file size and a maximum of 300 slides. Another possible issue might be wrong file format. We support the following formats for presentations: .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .odp, .png, .jpg, and .gif.
Why did my presentation disappear after I uploaded it?
Your presentation file might have a password that prevents our system from opening it. Please remove any password protection beforehand to ensure your presentation loads correctly after you upload it.
Why are my webinar invitations ending up in spam?
Sometimes, your event invitations might land in spam due to various reasons:

1. Using a low-quality or unengaged email list can result in high spam complaints. To prevent this, always opt for high-quality email databases.

2. Using oversized logos or overly bright images might lead potential participants to unsubscribe from your invitations. Sticking to standard image sizes and opting for more subdued visuals is advisable.

3. Mismatches in updating our signature to yours could activate spam filters. Keep your signature simple and concise, avoid using words that trigger spam filters, and utilize reputable link-shortening services.

4. Ensure the language in your invitation aligns with that in your signature.
Please help, I can't log into the webinar?
If you’re having trouble logging in to the webinar, there could be a few possible reasons:

1. Incorrect login credentials. Double-check that you are using the correct login information that was provided to you by the webinar host.

2. Network or internet connection issues. Poor internet connection can prevent you from logging in to the webinar. Try restarting your router or connecting to a different network.

3. Blocked access. Your company or network administrator may have blocked access to the webinar platform. You may need to request access or permission from your administrator.

4. The webinar may be at full capacity. Contact the webinar host to check if the maximum number of attendees has been reached. The host can purchase more seats if needed.

Your company’s network administrator may have restricted access to certain websites, including the webinar platform. To resolve this issue, you may need to request permission from your administrator to allow access to the following sites:


If none of these solutions work, contact the technical support team for assistance.
What internet speed do I need for a webinar?
The internet speed you need for a successful webinar can vary depending on what you're sharing and the number of presenters. If you're just using a microphone and webcam, you'll need less speed than if you're showing a video to attendees while also using your webcam and microphone.
What should I do if I have slow internet speed or a poor connection?
You can improve your connection by trying our TCP-based alternative to WebRTC technology. This provides a more stable connection, even at slower speeds. To activate it, go to the settings tab in the webinar room. If you need help finding it, click here or contact our technical support team.
Are attendees complaining about a wheezing microphone?
Please start by adjusting the presenter's microphone volume. You can do this using the volume slider located above the "Speak" button. If you continue to hear wheezing or other audio issues, please contact our technical support for further assistance.
In the Opera web browser, I'm not getting any sound or video from the presenter?
If you're using the Opera web browser and having issues with no sound or video from the presenter, there could be a couple of reasons. One common issue is that Opera might be blocking WebRTC technology. Another possibility is that you have a VPN enabled in Opera, which can also block sound and video transmission.

To resolve this, try enabling the "Use any suitable network interface" option in your browser's Settings > Advanced > WebRTC section. You can also learn more about how to use browser-based WebRTC technology. If you're still having problems, please contact our technical support team for help.
I'm hearing clicks during live broadcasts and recordings. What can I do?
If you're hearing clicking sounds during live broadcasts or recorded sessions, there are a few things you can try:

1. Lower the broadcast quality. This should help get rid of the clicking sounds. Go to your webinar room settings and select a lower quality option.

2. Focus on audio. If your presentation doesn't need visuals, and you're still getting clicks, try closing any unused applications and browser tabs. These might be causing interference.

If you encounter issues and need help finding the answers on our frequently asked questions page, please get in touch with us via online chat or email.

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