Enhance live events with polls and surveys

Engage your audience with interactive polls, surveys, and quizzes using our comprehensive webinar software. Gather valuable feedback with engaging questionnaires and simple voting options. The input allows you to tailor content for future virtual events based on your audience's interests, enhancing their experience and building trust for even more successful webinars
Make informed choices with data-driven insights from polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Essential testing tools for gathering valuable data

Boost engagement with interactive polls and surveys! Polls are a great way to interact with attendees, allowing you to create quick, one-question quizzes to keep your audience fully engaged. With detailed surveys, you can gather essential information about potential clients and their preferences, receive feedback about your business and brand, or assess how well students understand the learning materials

Easy-to-use data collection tools for valuable insights.

Targeted feedback with custom surveys and quizzes

Engage your audience more effectively with well-designed polls and surveys. These tools help stimulate attendee involvement and provide valuable feedback for future events

Gain deeper insights

Surveys enable participants to provide valuable insights on events, courses, products, or services. This feedback is crucial for improving and refining your live events effectively
Surveys give a voice to your audience. Their feedback helps you shape better offerings.

Measure retention

Professional assessments, such as quizzes and exams, effectively measure participants' understanding of a subject or their knowledge of a specific product or service

Learning & validation

Tests and exams are crucial for e-learning programs that offer certifications, as they allow participants to demonstrate their proficiency and earn qualifications easily

Pre-event surveys

Pre-event polls are great for gaining valuable insights into attendees' preferences and expectations. This allows you to tailor your event's content and format to engage your audience better

Market research

Unlock valuable customer insights with surveys! Collect data to enhance your market research and make informed, data-driven decisions easily

FAQ about polls and surveys

Boost your marketing and streamline operations using interactive polls and surveys during live webinars and instant meetings
Why use polls and surveys in webinars?
Polls and surveys are fantastic tools for boosting engagement and collecting invaluable insights during virtual events. They increase participation, offer real-time feedback, and help tailor content to audience interests. Additionally, they create a sense of community and provide actionable data that can be used to enhance future webinars.
When should you poll during a webinar?
The timing of polls or surveys during an online event depends on the event's nature and the goal of the interaction. Conduct a poll at the beginning to gauge your audience's background, in the middle to check understanding, or at the end to assess the webinar's effectiveness. Surveys are typically conducted at the end to collect feedback.
What questions should I add to my webinar poll?
You can include a variety of questions based on your goals. These include demographic questions to learn about your audience, content comprehension questions to assess understanding, feedback questions to evaluate the webinar, and even fun ice-breaker questions to boost engagement.