Polls, surveys and quizzes

Use polls and surveys to gather insights and feedback. Discover what your attendees think by offering them opportunities to participate in surveys and voting. This allows you to tailor your content to their preferences, deepening engagement and enhancing their overall experience. Listening to your audience not only builds trust, but also paves the way for more relevant and impactful webinars in the future. Additionally, implementing interactive tools like polls and questionnaires can further amplify the understanding of your attendees’ needs

Measuring participant understanding in e-learning sessions

Polls and surveys and why both are essential?

We support both options. A poll allows you to ask one multiple-choice question. Participants can choose from among answers that you predefine. A survey will enable you to ask multiple questions across a broader range; for example, you can ask for a comment, an email address, a name, an address, etc., as well as multiple-choice questions. Surveys can also be designed to have multiple pages with an individual page for each question.

Polls are an effective means of interacting with attendees. With the help of polls, you can make a quick one-question quiz to engage your audience as much as possible. And with surveys, you can do a detailed examination, but also collect the necessary information about your potential clients and their preferences, get feedback about your business and brand, or check how well the students cope with the learning materials.

Customisable surveys and quizzes for targeted audience feedback

Our poll and survey tools have many practical uses tailored to different situations…

Assessing knowledge

Tests can be used to evaluate participants' understanding of a topic, such as conducting quizzes or exams in educational settings.

Training and certification

Tests are valuable for training programs and certifications, allowing participants to demonstrate their proficiency and achieve recognised qualifications.

Pre-event surveys

Polls and surveys can gather attendee preferences, expectations, and feedback before an event, helping organisers tailor the content or format accordingly.

Market research

Surveys can be conducted to gather insights and opinions from a target audience, providing valuable data for market research and decision-making.

Feedback and evaluation

Surveys allow participants to provide feedback and evaluations on events, courses, products, or services, helping organisers improve and refine their offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether  if your aim is to enhance your promotional tactics or streamline your procedures, our webinar software provides all the solutions you need.
Polls and surveys during a webinar help increase participant engagement, provide real-time feedback, assess audience understanding, tailor content to the audience’s interest, and foster a sense of community. They can also be used to generate actionable insights for future webinars.
The timing depends on the nature of the webinar and the purpose of the poll or survey. You might conduct a poll at the beginning to understand your audience’s background, in the middle to check understanding, or at the end to evaluate the effectiveness of the webinar. Surveys are usually conducted at the end to gather feedback.
You can include a variety of questions, depending on your goal. This can range from demographic questions (learn about your audience), content comprehension questions (to assess understanding), feedback questions (to evaluate the webinar), and even fun, ice-breaker questions (to increase engagement).
The results can be used to inform future content, understand your audience, improve future webinars, and follow up with participants if necessary. You might also choose to share the results with the participants, particularly if the information is beneficial to them.
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