The platform's privacy policy

We take data security seriously at MyOwnConference and are committed to safeguarding and taking responsibility for the integrity of our users' data.

We only store essential data needed to provide our services, including your name or pseudonym, email address, encrypted password, and IP address.

We recognize the critical nature of data confidentiality in the course of our service provision.

This document serves to clarify our responsibilities towards the personal data that you entrust to us.

We rigorously follow the regulations outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, passed on 27 April 2016, which deals with the protection and free movement of personal data.

Your personal data, such as email, password, first and last name, and company information, is managed by UAB "Akovana", located at Didzioji Street 18, 01128, Vilnius, Lithuania.

We recommend that you revisit this Privacy Policy periodically to stay informed about any potential updates or changes.

§1 Data we collect

1.1. When you visit our website, user account, or webinar rooms, we may gather and store information about you to ensure we provide top-tier services.

1.2. For example, we log details such as the date and time of your last visit and your personalized settings in your account and webinar rooms.

1.3. Meanwhile, we strive to reduce the volume of data we collect, capturing only what's necessary to deliver excellent service.

1.4. We obtain and retain your personal data to:

1.4.1. Supply you with appropriate service quality;
1.4.2. Inform you about our other products and/or services.

1.5. We may also gather the following information:

1.5.1. If you choose to disclose your real first and last name;
1.5.2. Your email address, which we need for the user login procedure;
1.5.3. Your company address and banking information if you're making a payment on behalf of a company.
1.5.4. Any further information you provide voluntarily, either through customer support or at our request, accompanied by your explicit consent to process your personal data.

§2 Our data processing method

2.1. We will only use your personal information to provide service for holding webinars, automated webinars, live streams, web conferences, or organizing such events.

2.2. We try and pledge not to use this information for any other purposes without your explicit consent, which you provide at the time of registration or during interactions with our online representatives.

2.3. With your permission obtained at registration, we may send you publications and promotional information about our products and services and monitor your interest in them.

2.4. At MyOwnConference, access to your personal data may be granted to our staff and support consultants but only to those individuals who need this information to manage and provide service to your account.

§3 Personal data of the attendees, participants, moderators, and presenters of your events

3.1. We refrain from processing any data our users collect from attendees, participants, moderators, or presenters of their events, such as job titles, phone numbers, Skype logins, cities, countries, etc.

3.2. As a user, you manage the personal data of your users collected from attendees, participants, moderators, or presenters of their events.

3.3. In this role, we merely handle and store the data as the entity you have authorized to process and store this information.

3.4. We neither utilize nor distribute the data collected by you from attendees, participants, moderators, or presenters of your events, but we can provide technical assistance with their upfront agreement to process personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

3.5. Webinar attendees of our Users have the right to add, alter, or remove their own data from the Service.

3.6. To do so, they need to send a request to

§4 Understanding your rights concerning the personal data we gather and store

4.1. At MyOwnConference, we are committed to ensuring that the personal data we gather and utilize is accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive.

4.2. If you find errors in your personal data or believe the information you've supplied us is outdated, you can rectify this data.

4.3. To make changes, either send a written request to our email at or visit the Profile section of your account.

4.4. You are entitled to remove your personal data by yourself, either by navigating to the Profile section of your account or by sending an email to

4.5. Once your account is deleted, it is done so immediately.

4.6. It is crucial to understand that it's impossible to recover the account or any of your data, uploaded files, webinar information, and so forth following deletion.

4.7. Furthermore, once our contractual obligations are met, and our partnership concludes, we automatically delete your personal data within 180 days of its last use.

§5 Our cookie policy

5.1. Cookies are simple text files downloaded to your device — be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet — by your web browser when you visit our website.

5.2. Our primary use of cookies revolves around preserving user sessions.

5.3. Although most web browsers inherently accept cookies, you have the liberty to alter your browser settings to disable them completely.

5.4. However, please understand that turning off cookies might affect your ability to utilize our services fully.

5.5. Our website does not use cookies.

5.6. The user accounts and webinar rooms employ only session cookies, which are established when you visit our website or log into your account or a webinar room.

5.7. These cookies are stored as encrypted files on your device and are automatically removed 30 days following your last use of our services.

5.8. Please note, however, that session cookies do not store any personal information and, therefore, cannot be used to identify you personally.

5.9. Alternatively, you can manually erase our session cookies directly from your browser.

5.10. Session cookies conveniently eliminate the need for you to repeatedly input information, such as your username and password, each time you access your account or our webinar rooms.

5.11. Cookies we use in dashboard and webinar rooms:

5.11.1. Cookie "x" — 30 days from last use date — preferences for control panel and webinar rooms

5.12. If you are interested in learning more about cookies or how to control, disable, or delete them, consider visiting the "About Cookies" website for detailed guidance.

5.13. Also, some third-party advertising networks, including Google, allow users to opt out of or modify preferences associated with your internet browsing.

§6 Information collected by payment companies Paysera and PayPal and cookies used

6.1. We do not handle or store your payment details. Instead, this is entirely managed by the payment processing companies, Paysera and PayPal.

6.2. When you make a payment, you will be temporarily redirected away from our website, user account, or instant meeting room, and then returned once the payment transaction is finished.

6.3. Both of these payment platforms may place and use their own cookies on their respective websites.

6.4. For information regarding the data they collect, store, and use, as well as their cookie policies, you can visit the Paysera or PayPal websites directly.

§7 Email addresses usage

7.1. While we prioritize the security of your personal data on our website, it is worth noting that no internet-based data transmission can be entirely secure.

7.2. Therefore, if you choose to send us your email address, you do so understanding the risks involved.

7.3. Your email address, once shared, may be used by MyOwnConference to send you news and promotional information about our services, but only if you have given us permission to do so.

7.4. If you ever decide that you no longer wish to receive our marketing communications, you can opt out easily.

7.5. You can unsubscribe via the link in our emails, adjust your account settings, or simply let us know your decision by emailing us at

7.6. Please note, we retain the right to send you messages pertaining to any changes in our practices or the services we offer.

§8 Protection of personal information

8.1. Our data centers adhere strictly to the TIER-III standard and are positioned within the confines of the European Union.

8.2. This assures the optimal level of protection for your data stored on the servers we lease.

8.3. We also employ end-to-end TLS encryption, ensuring that the data transferred within and among data centers is carried out solely via SSL tunnels.

8.4. Your data is securely protected within and outside our system using SSL certificates of 2048 and 4096 bits.

8.5. All transmissions happen through secure channels.

8.6. Additionally, we use end-to-end AES-128 encryption to secure your webcam and microphone feeds during webinars, live broadcasts, and web conferences.

8.7. We are committed to establishing rigorous procedures to prevent your data from being lost, accessed without authorization, misused, modified, or exposed.

8.8. All our employees who handle your personal information are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before they commence work.

8.9. In the interest of security, we neither solicit nor store your payment card details or other payment-related information in our data centers.

8.10. Payment processing companies we collaborate with, like Paysera or PayPal, receive, process, and secure this data in their own data centers, in compliance with their individual requirements and regulations for personal data handling.

8.11. Occasionally, we may provide links to third-party websites.

8.12. If you choose to click on these links, you will navigate away from our website or account.

8.13. Our privacy policy does not extend to these websites.

8.14. We cannot be held accountable for the content of these sites or how they manage the confidentiality of your personal data.

8.15. We advise you to review the privacy policy of each website you visit.

8.16. When you use a banner, logo, or sales button (CTA, call-to-action) in your webinar room, you assume responsibility for directing your webinar attendees to third-party websites.

§9 Data sharing with third parties

9.1. Rest assured that we do not sell or distribute your personal data.

9.2. However, if EU legislation breaches by our users, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information.

9.3. We may also share your data with law enforcement, governmental agencies, or approved third-party organizations if there is a valid request related to preventing terrorist activities, prosecuting crimes, suspected unlawful actions, or other activities that could potentially lead to legal liability for you, us, or any user.

9.4. Moreover, we might need to disclose personal information during business transactions, such as mergers or asset sales.

9.5. In these situations, we will require the recipient to maintain the same standard of personal data protection that we uphold within our company.

§10 Contacting our privacy team

10.1. For any queries, thoughts, or remarks related to our Privacy Policy, cookies, or GDPR, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

10.2. You can email us directly at

§11 Modifications to this document

11.1. We retain the right to adjust and enhance our current Privacy Policy.

11.2. It is your responsibility to stay updated and familiarize yourself with any potential alterations in a prompt manner.

11.3. To make staying informed easier, we will announce any significant changes through prominent notifications on our website and/or send emails to our users directly.

(Last edited: May 10, 2024. Revision: 3.12)