Securely share your screen during broadcasts

Secure screen sharing enhances your presentations, training, and collaboration in online meetings. It helps visually engage your audience, improve understanding, and make your content memorable. Streamline teamwork and projects, and tap into the power of our advanced webinar technology to make your virtual meetings genuinely impactful
Showcase your product effectively with secure screen sharing.

Ensuring privacy with secure screen sharing

Screen sharing is crucial for seamless collaboration and effective visual communication during live webinars or instant meetings. It's perfect for webinars, presentations, and training sessions, helping to eliminate geographical barriers and enhance online experiences. Sharing your desktop screen in real-time during your broadcasts lets you showcase slides, pictures, documents, and application workflows, making your presentations more dynamic and engaging

Streamline remote work with visual communication via screen sharing.

Safe and efficient screen sharing for every need

Explore how secure screen sharing in virtual meetings can revolutionize your business operations

Sales and product showcases

During webinars, sales experts can use secure screen-sharing technology to showcase products or services to clients in different locations securely. This technology enables them to highlight product features and respond to client inquiries in real-time
Boost webinar sales with secure product demos. Highlight features, answer questions live.

Online webinars

Screen sharing is an ideal tool for hosting online webinars. It allows the presenter to showcase slide presentations, video clips, and dynamic content to a virtual audience effectively

Technical assistance

Screen sharing is essential for supporting your products because it enables the support team to share their screen and applications, guiding your loyal clients through troubleshooting steps seamlessly

Training sessions

Sharing your screen during live events is popular in online meetings and webinars, especially in training sessions. It enables educators to demonstrate software functionalities, present various discussion topics, and actively engage attendees

Virtual teamwork

Secure screen sharing enables virtual teams to collaborate seamlessly. By taking turns sharing their screens, team members can review and modify software, brainstorm ideas, and perform tasks simultaneously in a live environment

FAQ about screen sharing

Are you looking to grow your marketing or streamline operations? Use our secure and effective screen sharing to enhance product demos
What is the screen sharing software?
Our secure screen-sharing software enables presenters and educators to share their screens during live webinars and online meetings. The software allows them to display applications, documents, videos, and presentations directly from their computers to their audience.
How do I install the screen sharing software?
When you try to share your screen for the first time, the secure sharing software automatically prompts you to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step to complete the setup and securely share your screen during virtual events.
Is the screen sharing available in the free plan?
Yes, absolutely. Our screen-sharing software is available and functions correctly across all our business pricing plans, including the free plan as well.
Can attendees also share their screen?
By default, only webinar hosts and co-hosts can share their screens. However, during a live session, the meeting host can allow attendees to share their screens as well. This permission can be granted through a special drop-down menu located directly in the attendees' list.
Can I share specific applications?
Our screen-sharing software is built for flexible presentations. In multi-monitor setups, you can easily share your entire screen or choose a specific one. Please note that our software currently does not support sharing individual applications due to security concerns.
I installed the software, but I'm having connection issues. Can you help?
Specific software changes, such as modifications to router settings or internet service provider configurations, may have altered your system's "hosts" file. This alteration could block access to "localhost" or "," leading to connection issues even after you've successfully installed our screen sharing and broadcasting software.

Here's a possible solution:

1. Open the file "/etc/hosts" with computer administrator privileges.
2. Add the following line to the file: ""
3. Restart your browser, reopen our webinar room, and try to share your screen again.

Remember, you play a crucial role in this troubleshooting process. Editing system files requires administrator privileges. If you're unsure how to proceed, please refer to your operating system's documentation or contact our live support for assistance.