The platform's user agreements

MyOwnConference webinar platform provides its services according to our User Agreement.

This agreement, along with our Privacy Policy and Refund Policy, outlines your rights and responsibilities as a user.

Please review these documents carefully.

You agree to the terms of this User Agreement by checking the relevant box during registration.

This acts as your electronic signature.

If you disagree with our guidelines and terms of this User Agreement, please do not use our website or services.

By using our website, your account, webinar rooms, or any other services, you automatically agree to our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.

§1 Glossary of terms

1.1. This User Agreement is a legal contract between you (the User) and MyOwnConference (the Service).

1.2. By accepting the Agreement, you agree to its terms for the use of our services.

1.3. MyOwnConference is a service provided by UAB "Akovana" for conducting webinars, live broadcasts, automated webinars, and web conferences.

1.4. We are registered at Didzioji Street 18, 01128, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1.5. In this Agreement, "User" (or "you") refers to any individual who has agreed to these terms and uses our services.

1.6. Your User Account stores your personal data and any files you upload. It allows you to access and use our services.

§2 General terms

2.1. By ticking the box during registration, you indicate your agreement to all the stipulations of these User Agreements, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.

2.2. When you use our website, account, webinar rooms, and other services, you automatically consent to these conditions.

2.3. This, along with our Privacy Policy and Refund Policy, shapes the nature of your relationship with our service.

2.4. Please ensure that as a user, you possess the authority and permission to accept this User Agreements and are prepared to abide by all its provisions, rules, and conditions.

2.5. The material on this website aims to give you a broad understanding of our services and the terms of their provision.

2.6. We reserve the right to modify the content of our web pages, account, webinar rooms, and instant meeting rooms functionality at any time without advance notice.

2.7. Our webinar, live broadcast, and web conference services are designed for individuals aged 18 years and above.

2.8. Those under the age of 18 can utilize our services with the consent and under the supervision of their legal guardians.

2.9. We strongly advise minors to refrain from sharing any information, particularly personal data, with either other users of the service or the service itself.

2.10. If this requirement is not met, we can not be held responsible for the security and use of the information shared by a minor.

2.11. Furthermore, information and messages from such users will be disregarded and not used by us.

§3 Duration

3.1. This User Agreements is valid from the moment the User Account is registered and created and remains in effect until the account is fully removed from the Service's servers.

3.2. Only the user can delete their own User Account.

3.3. Alternatively, the Service can delete the User Account, either based on a prior request sent to, or with advance notice.

3.4. Notice regarding account deletion will be communicated through the User Account, with an email copy also being sent.

§4 Refund policy

4.1. All transactions and any payments processed through our Service are considered final and non-returnable, as users typically make payments only when intending to utilize the service.

4.2. Our Service does not initiate automatic debits.

4.3. Consequently, none of our available plans involve automated payments, including payments for single-day packages or immediate webinar room expansion features.

4.4. In place of this, we provide all users access to a free account.

4.5. This account encompasses almost all webinar room functions without any need for payment.

4.6. Please refer to our Return Policy for a more detailed understanding.

§5 Free plan

5.1. Our free plan is everlasting and does not demand the inclusion of payment information at sign-up, although it does come with certain constraints outlined below.

5.2. In light of this, any user can experience our service risk-free before buying, allowing you to plan and conduct test or non-commercial webinars, automated webinars, live streams, or web conferences.

5.3. You can also upload sample materials to our servers, share your screen, and make a trial recording, among other things.

§6 Free plan limitations

6.1. Only for non-business use;

6.2. Our logo is visible on all moderator webcams;

6.3. Provides 1 GB of storage for files;

6.4. Allows up to two presenters simultaneously;

6.5. Allows an unlimited number of participants to take turns speaking;

6.6. Allows importing up to 20 contacts for invitations;

6.7. Allows 20 minutes of saved sessions in either 480p or 720p resolution;

6.8. Sharing links to saved webinar sessions is not permitted;

6.9. Making alterations for white-label branding is not allowed;

6.10. Custom domain feature is not available;

6.11. The custom domain feature is not available.

6.12. We clearly flagged all premium features in your free plan with a special notification message.

§7 One-day plans

7.1. Every single one of our one-day plans comes packed with our standard and premium features.

7.2. The only limitation the User will face is that the User can not share links to the recorded webinars directly through the Service.

7.3. This means that during the duration of your one-day subscription, you can host webinars, record it, review it, edit it, and download it onto your computer.

7.4. Afterward, you are free to share the recorded webinar using platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

§8 Service responsibilities and rights

8.1. While the Service strives to maintain the highest level of service availability and efficiency, it holds no liability for instances of unfulfilled or delayed obligations beyond its control.

8.2. These might include low-quality internet connections of the webinar host or the event participants, lack of necessary user equipment like microphones or webcams, poor performance of user hardware, DDoS attacks on data centers utilized by the Service, natural disasters, strikes, military operations, or delays in services provided by third parties, among other factors.

8.3. The Service will not be held accountable for any errors or damages resulting from user misappropriation of the provided services.

8.4. The Service reserves the right to suspend or terminate services, without notice and without refunding unused funds, should it find the content of webinars, automated webinars, live broadcasts, or web conferences to be illegal or offensive.

8.5. This action will be at the sole discretion of the Service.

§9 User responsibilities and rights

9.1. Users are solely responsible for the content shared during their webinars, automated webinars, live broadcasts, and web conferences.

9.2. Users must ensure they do not use the service for illegal activities.

9.3. Users must not misuse the Service, for instance, by sharing their account access with others for unauthorized use.

9.4. Users are the only authorized individuals to use their account and should maintain up-to-date and accurate profile information, including email, first and last names, and company details when a company is the service user.

9.5. Users must renew the active pricing plan themselves on time since the Service does not use any automatic payments due to privacy reasons.

9.6. Users must not utilize the Service or its direct mailing system to disseminate, place, and distribute spam or unsolicited promotional information.

9.7. If a complaint about prohibited activities by a User is received, the service reserves the right to deactivate the user's account without a refund.

9.8. Users must not engage in activities aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Service, its website, account, and webinar rooms, nor should they attempt to circumvent the technical restrictions imposed by the service.

9.9. It is forbidden to use our website and webinar software platform in a way that results in the intentional or unintentional violation of EU laws, the terms of this user agreement, MyOwnConference and UAB "Akovana" rights, the rights of third parties, and copyright laws.

9.10. Users should refrain from any actions that could potentially make MyOwnConference liable to third parties.

9.11. Unauthorized usage of this website and/or services could result in a demand for damage remediation and/or initiate criminal prosecution.

9.12. Users are responsible for all costs and charges incurred by the service as a result of their illegal activities, including court costs and legal fees.

9.13. Users are responsible for maintaining an active email address and receiving and reviewing notifications in a timely manner, at least every three days.

§10 Pricing and payment terms

10.1. When you accept this User Agreements, you agree to make payments to the Service for holding webinars, automated webinars, live streams, and web conferences based on the pricing structure detailed on the Service website.

10.2. Payment for the Service is required only when you plan to utilize it.

10.3. The Service does not automatically debit from users.

10.4. All payments are made voluntarily by the User.

10.5. The Service delivers services strictly on a prepaid basis and maintains the right to deny service provision to any client, with the reason for such denial specified.

10.6. We have the ability to alter the pricing or extent of our paid services, given a minimum of a 3-day notice sent to the user via email.

10.7. Service reserves the right to modify the functionality and restrictions of its free accounts at any time and at its own discretion without providing prior notification to the user.

10.8. If a user continues to use the paid plans and has not canceled their subscription within 3 days of receiving notification of changes, it will be considered as an automatic acceptance of the new pricing or changes introduced by the Service.

10.9. Upon completion of payment, users can download the corresponding invoice from their account on the Service.

10.10. The Service only offers digital documentation, which can be accessed and downloaded from your account.

10.11. In an effort to minimize paper and wood consumption, we have opted not to provide any physical paperwork.

10.12. Please be aware that the Service is not the VAT payer.

§11 Copyright policy

11.1. Users are not permitted to use or replicate any copyrighted materials or trademarks through the Service without prior permission from the copyright owners.

11.2. If there is a violation of this policy, the Service may take action according to the Service's Rights and Obligations specified in the current User Agreements.

11.3. This website, along with its accounts and webinar rooms, holds materials that are our intellectual property.

11.4. Every component, which includes but is not limited to design, structure, display, and graphics, must not be copied or distributed without written approval from the Service.

§12 Privacy policy

12.1. The information provided by users is designated exclusively for use within the Service. It remains confidential and is not disclosed to third parties unless user consent is given or a court order is issued.

12.2. Upon accepting this User Agreements, you consent to share information with tax authorities if such a necessity arises.

12.3. By default, the Service does not gather any information except for session cookies, which are stored on your computer and can be removed by you at your convenience.

12.4. Your personal data is processed within the European Union in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union "On protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EU (General Data Protection Regulation)".

12.5. This processing occurs after you provide your data to or express your consent by checking the relevant box in the registration form or other data collection forms on our website.

12.6. The User data is used solely for the purposes stated.

12.7. Data administration is conducted by UAB "Akovana", located at Didzioji Street 18, 01128 Vilnius, Lithuania.

12.8. As a user, you act as the administrator of the personal data of your webinar attendees.

12.9. While the Service processes and stores the data of attendees and participants of your online events as a party authorized by you, the User, to perform such operations.

12.10. The Service does not use or distribute data from your webinar attendees and participants.

12.11. While, the Service can provide technical support, given their prior agreement to process personal data according to our Privacy Policy.

12.12. The User and user's event attendees and participants have the right to add, alter, or delete your data from our Service, temporarily halt their data processing, and gain information about the goals and methods of data processing.

12.13. For these actions, please send a request to

12.14. Upon data removal, your account, any files you uploaded, and information about your webinar attendees, participants, moderators, presenters, and speakers will be permanently removed from all the Service servers.

12.15. For further details on the information the Service collects and how this information is used, please consult our Privacy Policy.

§13 Liability limitations

13.1. The Service will not be held responsible for any damages, including loss of profits or data, which the User or any third parties might cause.

13.2. The Service's liability to the User will not exceed the monetary value of the services provided to the User.

13.3. Neither the Service nor any third parties make any guarantees concerning the accuracy, relevancy, or completeness of the information presented on the website or user account.

13.4. The User acknowledges that the website or the user account information or materials may contain errors, and the Service will not be responsible for any resulting inaccuracies.

13.5. The website may occasionally include links to other online resources.

13.6. The Service provides These links "as is" solely for the User’s convenience, offering additional information.

13.7. This does not imply that the Service endorses these linked third-party websites but rather uses them for informational purposes to facilitate the User's experience.

13.8. The Service will not be responsible for the content of these linked websites.

13.9. The User will be solely responsible for using, copying, and distributing any information or materials from this website, their account, webinar rooms, and/or any other services provided by the Service.

13.10. The User should determine the relevancy of any goods, products, or services information provided on this website based on their individual requirements.

§14 Uploaded and saved webinars

14.1. When you register a new account and agree to our user agreements, you acknowledge and consent to the ability to upload and save your live webinars remotely on our servers. By clicking the "REC" button in our instant meeting room, you initiate and authorize the saving of your live webinar. This feature allows you to effortlessly store your webinars for future access and ensures your content is securely backed up on our platform.

§15 Uptime and uninterrupted operation

15.1. In a commitment to continuously enhance the services the Service provides, the Service reserves the right to alter or update our services or free and paid features at any given time without any advance notice.

15.2. Any downtime or inability to use the webinar software platform MyOwnConference for audio, video, or both, attributable to the Service end, not the User, is guaranteed to not exceed seven hours in a week.

15.3. However, we cannot control any issues or disruptions to the use of our webinar platform that is caused by the User's faulty equipment or subpar internet connection of the webinar hosts, attendees, and participants.

15.4. Each of these instances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

§16 Conflicts resolution

16.1. The Service cannot assure that it will settle all disputes in the User's favor in every instance.

16.2. However, it is committed to exerting utmost effort and action to remedy the situation or issue as swiftly as possible.

16.3. If a dispute necessitates the involvement of government agencies, the User acknowledges that the matter will be governed in accordance with the active laws of the European Union.

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