Modern video conferencing software

Simplify your online video conferencing with our intuitive online meeting platform. Forget complicated setups and lengthy installations. With our conferencing service, your virtual meetings and collaborations are just a few clicks away. Turn video conferences into captivating, seamless experiences and effortlessly elevate your online gatherings. No complex software or downloads are required — get started in minutes
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Bring your team closer with virtual meetings

Video conferencing and online meetings close the gap between distances, enhancing modern collaboration and connection. They mimic in-person meetings with live streaming, proving vital for small and large remote teams. Participants can easily join using a computer or mobile device through their preferred browser without the need for additional downloads. This simplicity aids in faster decision-making and strengthens team bonds, regardless of distance

Collaborate face-to-face, no matter the distance, with video conferencing.

All-purpose video meetings tailored to your needs

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Team productivity hub

Transform how your team works together. Video conferencing empowers your team to stay connected, focused, and deliver results, regardless of location
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Workplace relationships

Nurture strong bonds in your hybrid workplace. Virtual meetings enable richer communication and collaboration, enhancing teamwork for distributed teams

Unified opinion

Leverage built-in polls and surveys to efficiently gather team insights and reach consensus quickly, facilitating informed decision-making

Collaborative ideas

Collaborate seamlessly in real-time with features like screen sharing, breakout rooms, and live chat, ensuring effective teamwork and engagement

Fostering trust

Foster trust with seamless, simple, and powerful collaboration tools and clear communication, promoting a cohesive and productive work environment

FAQ About Video Conferencing

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What is online video conferencing?
Online video conferencing can mirror the engagement of an in-person meeting. You can see teammates, easily share ideas through screen sharing and collaborative tools, and build rapport from miles away. While technology is essential, the valid key to a successful experience is human interaction, purposeful facilitation, and the right tools. Our virtual meeting platform provides comprehensive features that enable you to create a seamless and productive video conferencing experience.
I have some visuals to go along with my point. Can I share my screen?
Absolutely. Our virtual event solution allows you to share your screen during video conferences and more. This feature is perfect for presenting interactive slides, training your team on our tools, or demonstrating your products live. These capabilities are designed to impart knowledge, facilitate online business, and boost team performance.
Is there a participant limit I should be aware of?
Up to 10 participants can join simultaneously in parallel to the video conference. However, the number of people who can view the video conference (live or as a recording) depends on your subscription package. Options range from 20 viewers for free packages up to 10,000 viewers for the same virtual event. For specific details, please visit our pricing page or contact customer service.
Can participants join from a mobile device?
Yes, of course. Participants in an online conference can join a virtual meeting from their smartphones and tablets. Our robust video conferencing solution works with both iOS and Android devices. For the best experience, make sure to update to the latest version of your preferred browser.
Is it possible to record a video conference?
Yes, indeed! Our virtual meeting platform lets you smoothly record real-time video conferences and online meetings. You can then access, edit, download, and share these recordings with your audience — ideal for attendees who missed the live session.
Can you outline your security practices for video conferencing?
Security is a top priority at our company. We use industry-standard encryption and privacy measures to protect your video conferences, online meetings, and related data. All video streams are SSL-protected, ensuring real-time participant and viewer security. For enhanced security, we recommend using our downloadable broadcasting plugin (DTS). Access to video streams from meeting participants is restricted to the meeting room only. We strive to maintain the highest level of security possible in today's world.