Boosting your brand identity

In the digital era, brand awareness plays an indispensable role in the success of any business. As an innovative and effective medium, webinars are quickly becoming a vital tool in the brand-building arsenal. Likewise, in this age of online connectivity, fostering a recognizable brand identity is paramount for any enterprise’s growth. With their unique ability to engage and educate audiences, webinars emerge as a powerful instrument to enhance a company’s brand image and visibility

Tailor your webinar to reflect your brand's identity

Why webinar branding is essential to your success?

Webinar branding does more than improve your visibility and reputation. It creates a captivating brand journey, amplifying your audience’s connection to your brand by consistently showcasing your visual elements. It’s an opportunity to highlight your authority and expertise, often boosting engagement and loyalty. Beyond just hosting, it lets you share your brand’s values and vision more intimately, compelling individuals to choose your brand. In essence, webinar branding crafts a resonating, unique brand experience, aligning with your business goals.

What webinar branding options do we offer?

Tailor your webinar domain

Your personal domain

In webinar branding, a personal domain serves as a significant marker of professionalism and authenticity, enhancing credibility among your audience. This domain, aligned with your name or business, offers a centralized space to showcase your expertise, host content related to your webinars, and provide a sense of continuity among your online events.

Customize your webinars, events, and meetings with personalized logos

Use your company logo

You can directly place your brand’s logo in the webinar room. To do this, navigate to the advanced webinar settings and upload your logo. Its dimensions should not exceed 38 x 38 pixels.

Customize your webinars, events, and meetings with personalized banners

Company banner

You can display a promotional banner of your brand to enhance recognition and broaden your customer base. The recommended banner size is 380 x 38 pixels.

Customize your webinars, events, and meetings with personalized outgoing email headers

Header image of your emails

When setting up your email distribution, you have the option to use an image as the header. The recommended size is 600 x 150 pixels.

Adjust the language settings in your account for webinars and instant meeting rooms

Multi-language support

Our webinar and instant meeting rooms can be customised to 18 languages, ensuring that you can effectively communicate and connect your brand with your audience.

Craft personalised webinars suited to your brand and requirements

Below are the various advantages of using branding in your webinars…

Product branding

If your company is introducing a new product or service, a branded webinar can be a great way to showcase its features and benefits. This not only educates your audience about the product but also reinforces your brand identity.

Leadership branding

Webinars can help position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. By hosting webinars on relevant topics and sharing your unique insights, you can enhance your brand's reputation and credibility.


If your company is partnering with another brand, a joint webinar can be a great way to announce it. This not only helps engage both brands' audiences but also provides an opportunity to cross-promote and strengthen brand associations.

Community building

Regularly hosted branded webinars on various topics can help build a community around your brand. This engages your existing customers, attracts potential ones, and fosters a sense of loyalty and belonging.

Content marketing

Branded webinars can be a key part of your content marketing strategy. They provide valuable content to your audience and, when recorded, can be repurposed into other content formats, all the while promoting your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to improve your marketing approach or streamline your processes, our software is here to help you brand your webinars effectively.

On the MyOwnConference platform, we provide an array of customisable features. You can upload your company’s logo, select matching colours, and even use a custom URL for your webinars. All these features can be found in the “Branding” section of your dashboard.
With MyOwnConference, you can personalise your email communications to align with your brand. This includes adjusting the email design, adding your company logo, and customising the message content. You can manage these settings under the “Email Settings” tab in your account.
Yes, you can. MyOwnConference allows you to use a custom URL for your webinar events, giving your brand more visibility and making your webinars easily identifiable for your audience.
Absolutely! In the “Branding” section of your MyOwnConference dashboard, you can upload your logo. It will then appear in the webinar interface, enhancing the professional look and feel of your online events.
Yes, MyOwnConference enables you to personalise all aspects of communication with your attendees, including invitation and reminder emails. You can change the email’s content, add your logo, and tailor it to your brand’s voice.
With MyOwnConference, you can upload customised presentation slides and handouts that match your brand. This ensures a consistent branding experience for your attendees throughout the entire webinar.
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