Server-based webinar recording in one click

Boost your online presence and expand your reach by creating high-quality webinar recordings with our user-friendly platform. Effortlessly record in MP4 video format with just a single click, and choose from 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolutions for crystal-clear visuals. Skip the complex setups — our robust servers simplify the recording process, ensuring your content is securely stored in the cloud for straightforward distribution. Engage and educate your audience while growing your community — start recording with our advanced webinar software today!
Record your webinars and reach a wider audience.

Record webinars to sell them at a later time

A webinar recording captures a live session in video and audio formats, allowing organizers to preserve the content and interactions for future use or broader distribution. These recordings are invaluable for several reasons. They provide a resource for participants to review later or catch up on missed sessions. Additionally, recordings can be offered as password-protected, on-demand content, expanding the webinar's reach and allowing more people to benefit from the presented information. Furthermore, they can be used for training, knowledge sharing within an organization, or as promotional material for future events

Extend your webinar's reach with effortless recording and sharing.

Server-based webinar recording software

Want to reach more people and increase sales? Record your webinars! Offering them on-demand allows viewers to watch at their convenience, even if they can't attend the live session

Content creation

Webinar recordings offer significant marketing benefits. You can repurpose snippets or highlights for social media posts, blog articles, or email newsletters. This strategy showcases your organization's expertise and drives engagement
Repurpose webinar recordings for powerful marketing content. Drive engagement & showcase expertise.

Remote collaboration

When teams are spread across various locations or time zones, webinar recordings enable effective collaboration. Team members can access these recordings at their convenience, ensuring everyone remains aligned and informed, regardless of location or availability

Knowledge sharing

Organizations can use webinar recordings to enhance knowledge sharing among team members. By sharing recorded webinars internally, employees can learn from subject-matter experts, exchange best practices, and promote a culture of learning and collaboration

Training and development

Webinar recordings are excellent tools for employee training and development programs. They serve as valuable resources for onboarding new employees, conducting product training, and facilitating professional development sessions

Lead generation

Organizations can use recorded webinars as gated content, asking visitors to provide their contact information for access. This approach generates leads and builds a database of potential customers, who can then be nurtured and converted into loyal clients


Frequently asked questions

Whether you want to improve your marketing strategy or streamline your operations, our server-based webinar recording software is designed to support your efforts
Can I access the webinar recording after the live event?
Yes, all webinar recordings are accessible to the audience after the live event. Attendees will receive an email with a link to the recording or instructions on accessing it on our webinar broadcasting platform. It's a simple, one-click solution!
Can I download the webinar recording to watch it offline?
If you hosted the webinar, you can download the recording from your account whenever you like. If you were an attendee, whether you could download it depends on the organizer's settings. Some webinars let you watch the recording as many times as you'd like, while others might not. Need to download a recording? Contact the organizer directly for help.
Will the webinar recording include the Q&A session?
Yes, in most cases, the webinar recording includes the chat and Q&A session. Organizers recognize the importance of these interactive segments and strive to offer a complete recording that captures the entire webinar experience.
Can the recording be shared with those who missed it?
Whether you can replay a webinar recording depends on the organizer. They might let anyone watch it for free or make it available only to registered attendees and charge a fee. It's best to ask the organizer directly or check if they sent instructions on accessing the recording.